Westwind II Capabilities

Westwind II

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Westwind II. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
101-412-80-13 Edison Oil Pressure Transmitter
124.251 Kratos Oil Pressure/Temperature Indicator
124.561 Kratos Flap Position Indicator
161E-2A Collins Mode Coupler
218-912-001 Gull Fuel Quantity Indicator
218-913-001 Gull Fuel Flow Indicator
224-902-006 Gull N1 RPM Indicator
224-902-007 Gull N2 RPM Indicator
224-911-006 Gull I.T.T. Indicator
224-911-011 Gull I.T.T. Indicator
231-012 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
231-013 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
231-014 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
2587193-33 Honeywell Directional Gyro
329B-8Y Collins Flight Director Indicator
331A-9G Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
332D-11A Collins Vertical Gyro
345A-7 Collins Rate of Turn Sensor
345A-7A Collins Rate of Turn Sensor
346B-3 Collins Audio Panel
4001808-901 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
418-04064 Edison Oil Pressure Transmitter
522-2901-016 Collins Autopilot Computer
522-3763-001 Collins Audio Panel
562A-5M5 Collins Flight Computer
562C-8A Collins Yaw Damper Computer
562C-8F Collins Yaw Damper Computer
590A-3J Collins Air Data Control
614E-20R Collins Mode Selector
614E-22B Collins Remote HDG & CRS Selector
614E-23R Collins Mode Selector
614E-5A Collins Autopilot Control
622-0141-023 Collins Autopilot Panel
622-0181-001 Collins Rate of Turn Sensor
622-0224-001 Collins Attitude Director Indicator
622-0944-003 Collins Mode Selector
622-0945-003 Collins Mode Selector
622-1879-002 Collins VHF XCVR
622-2265-033 Collins Flight Guidance Panel
622-2313-033 Collins Flight Guidance Panel
622-3167-028 Collins Yaw Damper Computer
622-4151-001 Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
622-4176-001 Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
622-4178-003 Collins Remote Control Panel
622-5224-105 Collins Flight Guidance Computer
622-5465-214 Collins Air Data Computer
692-6348-001 Collins Autopilot Control
7000627-901 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
772-5140-001 Collins Rate of Turn Sensor
777-1406-028 Collins Yaw Damper Computer
792-6091-011 Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
792-6091-015 Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
792-6221-003 Collins Remote HDG & CRS Selector
792-6255-001 Collins Mode Coupler
792-6357-002 Collins Flight Director Indicator
792-6357-007 Collins Flight Director Indicator
792-6657-004 Collins VHF XCVR
792-6672-001 Collins Air Data Control
792-6694-001 Collins Vertical Gyro
792-6703-001 Collins Flight Computer
883026-503 Ametek/G.E. Flap Position Indicator
883026-515 Ametek/G.E. Aileron Trim Indicator
883026-517 Ametek/G.E. Rudder Trim Indicator
883026-521 Ametek/G.E. Horizontal Trim Indicator
883026-525 Ametek/G.E. Horizontal Trim Indicator
883035-5 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
883035-501 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
883035-507 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
883082-001 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
883082-003 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
883082-005 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
883082-009 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
883082-011 Hickok DC Volt/Ammeter
883091-505 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
883091-505 Ametek/G.E. DC Volt/Ammeter
883619-1 Consolidated N1 RPM Indicator
883619-501 Ametek/G.E. N1 RPM Indicator
883619-503 Gull N1 RPM Indicator
883620-1 Consolidated N2 RPM Indicator
883620-501 Ametek/G.E. N2 RPM Indicator
883620-503 Gull N2 RPM Indicator
883621-1 Consolidated I.T.T. Indicator
883621-501 Ametek/G.E. I.T.T. Indicator
883621-503 Ametek/G.E. I.T.T. Indicator
883621-505 Gull I.T.T. Indicator
883621-507 Gull I.T.T. Indicator
883706-1 Kratos Oil Pressure/Temperature Indicator
883707-1 Gull Fuel Quantity Indicator
883708-1 Gull Fuel Flow Indicator
883740-1 Ametek/G.E. Rudder Trim Indicator
883741-1 Ametek/G.E. Aileron Trim Indicator
883742-1 Ametek/G.E. Horizontal Trim Indicator
883742-501 Ametek/G.E. Horizontal Trim Indicator
883765-501 Teledyne A.O.A. Indicator
883789-1 Kratos Flap Position Indicator
8AW43AAA241 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
8AW43VAA220 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
8DJ278WAD1 Ametek/G.E. N1 RPM Indicator
8DJ278WAE1 Ametek/G.E. N2 RPM Indicator
8DJ313WAA1 Ametek/G.E. I.T.T. Indicator
8DJ313WAG1 Ametek/G.E. I.T.T. Indicator
8DJ48GCX2 Ametek/G.E. Flap Position Indicator
8DJ49GEB2 Ametek/G.E. Aileron Trim Indicator
8DJ49GEC2 Ametek/G.E. Rudder Trim Indicator
8DJ49GEK2 Ametek/G.E. Horizontal Trim Indicator
8DJ49LXE2 Ametek/G.E. Horizontal Trim Indicator
8DN53BAC252 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
8DW53BAC262 Ametek/G.E. DC Volt/Ammeter
8DW53VBA207 Ametek/G.E. DC Voltmeter
ADC-80K Collins Air Data Computer
ADI-85 Collins Attitude Director Indicator
APC-80 Collins Autopilot Computer
APP-80 Collins Autopilot Panel
C-14A Honeywell Directional Gyro
DSFG1579 Consolidated Fuel Quantity Indicator
DSN1591-1 Consolidated N1 RPM Indicator
DSN1591-2 Consolidated N2 RPM Indicator
DST1017-13 Consolidated I.T.T. Indicator
FGC-80F Collins Flight Guidance Computer
FGP-80 Collins Flight Guidance Panel
FGP-81 Collins Flight Guidance Panel
HCP-86 Collins Remote Control Panel
HSI-84 Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
HSI-85 Collins Horizontal Situation Indicator
M811B Davtron Digital Clock
SLZ9618-5 Teledyne A.O.A. Indicator
SLZ9944A Teledyne A.O.A. Indicator
VG-14 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
VG-14A Honeywell Vertical Gyro
VHF-20A Collins VHF XCVR
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