Sikorsky s-58, Sikorsky s-76, Sikorsky Helicopter OEM overhaul, repair, and instrument exchange
Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
066-3042-00 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-03042-0000 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
10035-11424 Aerosonic Altimeter
101635-11839 Aerosonic Altimeter
101720-11810 Aerosonic Altimeter
102-0059-01 R.C. Allen Attitude Indicator
102220-11886 Aerosonic Altimeter
103-0026-01 R.C. Allen Directional Gyro Indicator
111302-5 Astronautics Horizontal Situation Indicator
111303-4 Astronautics Attitude Director Indicator
121672-01-15 G.E. Aviation Displacement Gyroscope
140100-01-01 G.E. Aviation Attitude Indicator
155750-1 Ultra Flighline Systems Altimeter
20020-11293 Aerosonic Airspeed Indicator
203-021-003 Gull Airborne Fuel Quantity Indicator
203-022-005 Gull Airborne Temp / Press Indicator
203-022-008 Gull Airborne Temp / Press Indicator
203-022-009 Gull Airborne Temp / Press Indicator
203-022-016 Gull Airborne Temp / Press Indicator
203-023-003 Gull Airborne Hydraulic Oil Pressure Indicator
204-060-006 Gull Airborne Temperature Indicator
2587193-42 Honeywell Gyrosyn Compass
303-006-003 Gull Airborne Torque Indicator
303-006-005 Gull Airborne Torque Indicator
303-006-006 Gull Airborne Torque Indicator
305-1BL J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Indicator
310-007-003 Gull Airborne Torque Indicator
339H-4 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
34670-102 Kollsman/I.D.C. Vertical Speed Indicator
393004-01884 Simmonds Fuel Quantity Indicator
4014267-901 Honeywell Radio Altimeter Indicator
4020550-904 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
504-0033-924 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Indicator
520-5160-006 Aeronetics Course Selector Indicator
5448-712-91-10 Thales Speed Indicator
550-34670-102 Kollsman/I.D.C. Vertical Speed Indicator
60-1321-1 Honeywell Emergency Exit Power Supply
614L-11 Collins Avionics ADF Control Unit
614L-13 Collins Avionics ADF Control Unit
622-1204-002 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
622-1204-004 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
622-1879-001 Collins Avionics Transceiver
622-2012-011 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
622-2506-004 Collins Avionics Radio Magnetic Indicator
622-3918-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
622-3920-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
65550-01065-103 Sikorsky Landing Gear Control
656520 Honeywell Flux Valve
656767 Honeywell Compensator
7000466-914 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7000605-901 Honeywell Mode Selector
7000605-902 Honeywell Mode Selector
7000839-901 Honeywell Radio Altimeter Indicator
7000B G.E. Aviation Displacement Gyroscope
76450-00801-101 Sikorsky Airspeed Indicator
76450-00901-101 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-00901-102 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-00901-103 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-00901-104 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-00902-103 Sikorsky Torque Indicator
76450-00904-106 Sikorsky Temperature Indicator
76450-00907-103 Sikorsky Temp / Press Indicator
76450-01076-101 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-01076-103 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-01076-105 Sikorsky Temperature Indicator
76450-01076-106 Sikorsky Temperature Indicator
76450-01076-107 Sikorsky Temperature Indicator
76450-01076-110 Sikorsky Tachometer Indicator
76450-01078-101 Sikorsky Temp / Press Indicator
76450-01078-103 Sikorsky Fuel Quantity Indicator
76450-01078-104 Sikorsky Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
76450-01078-106 Sikorsky Torque Indicator
76450-01078-123 Sikorsky Torque Indicator
76450-01078-125 Sikorsky Torque Indicator
76600-02113-103 Sikorsky Vertical Gyro
777-1493-005 Collins Avionics ADF Control Unit
792-6275-003 Collins Avionics ADF Control Unit
8140B-S20LW Ultra Flighline Systems Altimeter
8503-S20LW Ultra Flighline Systems Altimeter
8503-S20LW-MB Ultra Flighline Systems Altimeter
AD-300H Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
AD-600H Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
AR-209-11 Ketema Flow Rate Indicator
AT-206-2 Ketema Totalizer
AT209-NL-05 Ketema Fuel Remaining Totalizer
C-14A Honeywell Gyrosyn Compass
DDL-OC119A Ametek Repeater Indicator
IND-41 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IND-41B Collins Avionics DME Indicator
KNI581 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
LT-100 KGS Electronics DC to DC Converter
M3520-2 R.C. Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
M3637-05 R.C. Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
M877 Davtron Digital Clock
PC-17-3 Avionic Instruments Static Inverter
RA-215 Honeywell Radio Altimeter Indicator
RA-315 Honeywell Radio Altimeter Indicator
RC-30-VIL Aerosonic Vertical Velocity Indicator
RCA15BK-4 R.C. Allen Directional Gyro Indicator
RCA26BK-7 R.C. Allen Attitude Indicator
RMI-36 Collins Avionics Radio Magnetic Indicator
S6145-61391-1 Sikorsky Fuel Quantity Indicator
S6145-61391-2 Sikorsky Fuel Quantity Indicator
SEL-OC19AM Ametek Temperature Indicator
SEL-OC19AP Ametek Temperature Indicator
SEL-OC19F Ametek Temperature Indicator
SEL-OC29CF Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SEL-OC29F Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SETL-OC329A Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SETL-OC329D Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SETL-OC329E Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SETL-OC329F Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SETL-OC329G Ametek Tachometer Indicator
W33-7510-10ET-20L Wakmann Aircraft Clock
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