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Part Number
030A-986403-5 Mitsubishi Main Tank Fuel Qty Ind
030A-986403-9 Mitsubishi Main Tank Fuel Qty Ind
030A-986404-1 Mitsubishi Tip Tank Fuel Qty Ind
035A-986403-1 Mitsubishi Airspeed Indicator
035A-986403-5 Mitsubishi Airspeed Indicator
035A-986404-1 Mitsubishi Cabin Alt/Diff Press Ind
035A-986411-1 Mitsubishi I.T.T. Indicator
035A-986415-1 Mitsubishi O.A.T. Indicator
035A-986418-1 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986418-11 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986418-3 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986418-403 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986418-5 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986418-7 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986418-9 Mitsubishi Tachometer Indicator
035A-986422-1 Mitsubishi E.G.T. Indicator
035A-986428-1 Mitsubishi Tip Tank Fuel Qty Ind
035A-986432-1 Mitsubishi Outer Tank Fuel Qty Ind
102464-36 Airesearch Cabin Pressure Controller
147B31M Horizon Aerospace Oil Temp Indicator
217-07251 Meggitt/Edison Oil Pressure Indicator
2179A-CF Bendix Gyro Horizon Indicator
4099B Bendix Turn & Bank Indicator
47B43 Horizon Aerospace Free Air Temp Indicator
8DJ81CAZ2 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
8DJ81CCZ2 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
8DW53BAC256 Ametek/G.E. Volt/Ammeter
935A-5001-3 Mitsubishi Torque Meter
935A-6007-1 Mitsubishi Oil Pressure Indicator
935A-6008-1 Mitsubishi Oil Pressure Indicator
935A-6009-1 Mitsubishi Oil Pressure Indicator
936A-9500-501 Mitsubishi Volt/Ammeter
960A-9500-1 Mitsubishi Airspeed Indicator
AR-204-10 Ketema A&E/Foxboro Fuel Flow Indicator
AR-204A-40 Ketema A&E/Foxboro Fuel Flow Indicator
AT-204-13 Ketema A&E/Foxboro Totalizer
AT-204-17 Ketema A&E/Foxboro Totalizer
AW1821AB14 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Vacuum Gauge
RC-60-MS-10-3 Aerosonic Rate-of-Climb Indicator
RCM-60-AC Aerosonic Cabin Rate-of-Climb Ind
V1-04A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
W-33-7510-10 Wakmann Clock
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