Mistsubishi MU-2B-25/25A Capabilities

Mistsubishi MU-2B-25/25A

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Mistsubishi MU-2B-25/25A. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
162BL403 Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
162BL403A Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
162BL403B Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
162BL403C Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
162BL708 Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
162BL709C Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
162BL711 Horizon/Lewis Temperature Indicator
2047-01-1 Smiths/Harowe Pressure Ratio Indicator
2070484-5110 Bendix Altimeter Indicator
215-009-001 Gull Airborne Brake Pressure Indicator
248697 Ametek/Weston DC Loadmeter
248836 Ametek/Weston Fuel Temperature Indicator
2587335-13 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
2587567 Honeywell/Sperry Gyrosyn Compass Indicator
2587567-901 Honeywell/Sperry Gyrosyn Compass Indicator
2588260-905 Honeywell/Sperry Flight Director Indicator
2588260-907 Honeywell/Sperry Flight Director Indicator
2588302-4 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
2588371-901 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Direction Indicator
2594466-902 Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
2594466-904 Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
2594466-906 Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
2594467-901 Honeywell/Sperry SAT/TAS Indicator
2594467-903 Honeywell/Sperry SAT/TAS Indicator
2600-05-1 SIADS Digital Clock
2CM9ABY7 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Generator
2CM9ADE8 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Generator
36159-1AJ-25A2 Bendix Radio Magnetic Indicator
393026-01841 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
396-100S1-D1 Meggitt/Edison Oil Pressure Indicator
4005123-901 Honeywell/Sperry Digital Altimeter
4005123-902 Honeywell/Sperry Digital Altimeter
4005123-903 Honeywell/Sperry Digital Altimeter
4005123-907 Honeywell/Sperry Digital Altimeter
4013013-901 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Speed Indicator
4013013-905 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Speed Indicator
4013013-909 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Speed Indicator
4038930-901 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
4038930-902 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
4038930-903 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
4038930-904 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
4038930-906 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
522-3875-001 Collins Avionics Course Indicator
522-4825-004 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
522-4825-006 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
522-4825-008 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
570-487 Hickok Frequency Meter
614937-10 Honeywell/Sperry Compass Rack
622-4096-001 Collins Avionics Passenger Address Amplifier
622-4096-002 Collins Avionics Passenger Address Amplifier
622-4096-003 Collins Avionics Passenger Address Amplifier
622-4487-001 Collins Avionics Passenger Address Amplifier
622-4507-001 Collins Avionics Attitude Director Indicator
705-15V1 Thales Avionics Gyroscopic Horizon
705-15V3 Thales Avionics Gyroscopic Horizon
705-7V92M1 Thales Avionics Gyroscopic Horizon
75D30-1 Custom Components Differential Pressure Switch
772-5025-008 Collins Avionics Horizontal Situation Indicator
772-5025-009 Collins Avionics Horizontal Situation Indicator
87000-1115 Aerosonic Aircraft Clock
87000-1117 Aerosonic Aircraft Clock
87000-1121 Aerosonic Aircraft Clock
8AW61LAS1 Ametek/G.E. AC Load Meter
8AW61LVF1 Ametek/G.E. AC Voltmeter
8DJ125LXV5 Ametek/G.E. Fuel Flow Rate Indicator
8DJ125LXW5 Ametek/G.E. Fuel Flow Rate Indicator
8DJ125LXX5 Ametek/G.E. Fuel Flow Rate Indicator
8DJ125LXY5 Ametek/G.E. Fuel Flow Rate Indicator
8DJ130LWA1 Ametek/G.E. Oil Quantity Indicator
8DJ81LWT4 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
8DJ81LWT4-U Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
8DJ81WCT4 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
8DJ81WCT4-U Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
8DW84LAN1 Ametek/G.E. AC-DC Ammeter
8DW84LAN1 Ametek/G.E. AC-DC Ammeter
8DW84LBA1 Ametek/G.E. DC Ammeter
8G441-1 Custom Components Gage Pressure Switch
8TJ88GAN4 Ametek/G.E. Power Supply
8TJ92GAA1 Ametek/G.E. Liquid Quantity Transmitter
8TJ92GAA2 Ametek/G.E. Liquid Quantity Transmitter
90G62-1A Custom Components Gage Pressure Switch
93A100-10 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-11 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-30 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-31 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-32 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-33 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-80 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-81 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-82 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-83 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-84 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A100-85 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A152-00 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-01 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-04 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-20 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-25 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-30 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-35 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-40 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-50 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-60 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
93A152-70 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
A100 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
A100A Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
A152 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
A152-1 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
A152-4 Fairchild CVR Control Unit
A152B Fairchild CVR Control Unit
AW2835AH01 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Cabin Pressure Indicator
B40187 10 033 Kollsman Rate of Climb Indicator
C-4E Ametek/U.S.Gauge Standby Compass
INA-51V Bendix Radio Altimeter Indicator
LG80E1 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Computer
SRL-7F Ametek/U.S.Gauge Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
SRL-92E Ametek/U.S.Gauge Air Pressure Indicator
SRL-92F Ametek/U.S.Gauge Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
SRL-92G Ametek/U.S.Gauge Control Valve Position Indicator
SRL-92H Ametek/U.S.Gauge Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
SRL-92P Ametek/U.S.Gauge Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
SRL-C12P Ametek/U.S.Gauge Hydraulic Quantity Indicator
ST-12BH Ametek/U.S.Gauge Flap Position Transmitter
ST-12S Ametek/U.S.Gauge Position Transmitter
TSG420-101 Thales Avionics Static Inverter
TSG420-102 Thales Avionics Static Inverter
W-33-7530-102 Wakmann Aircraft Clock
WL/502RC-1 Smiths Industries Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
WL/503RC-1 Smiths Industries Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
WL101AMS1 Smiths Industries Altimeter/Airspeed Indicator
WL101AMS2 Smiths Industries Altimeter/Airspeed Indicator
WL101AMS5 Smiths Industries Altimeter/Airspeed Indicator
WL501RC-1 Smiths Industries Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
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