Fairchild Dornier Metro III Capabilities

Fairchild Dornier Metro III

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Fairchild Dornier Metro III. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
101735-11799 Aerosonic Altimeter
101735-11807 Aerosonic Altimeter
162LC612 Lewis Engineering Outside Air Temp. Ind.
20040-11171 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11172 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11173 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11223 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11224 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11229 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11230 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
20040-11231 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
200DC JET/AIM Directional Gyro
20130-11225 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
20130-11236 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
20130-11294 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
205-1BL JET/AIM Directional Gyro
22702-032 Kollsman/IDC Encoding Altimeter
22722-004 Kollsman/IDC Altitude Alerter
2587193-43 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
26-66306-1 AMETEK/GE Tachometer Ind.
26-66309-1 Lewis Engineering Outside Air Temp. Ind.
26-86024-1 Schwein Turn & Bank Ind.
27-19076-1 Swearingen Flap Position Ind.
27-19116-3 Hickok DC Ammeter
27-19116-5 Hickok DC Ammeter
27-19117-1 Hickok Voltmeter
27-19118-5 Hickok Tri-Meter
27-19118-7 Hickok Tri-Meter
27-19118-9 Hickok Tri-Meter
27-19118-11 Hickok Tri-Meter
27-19119-3 Hickok Flap Position Ind.
27-19121-3 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
27-19123-5 Hickok Oxygen Pressure Ind.
27-19123-7 Hickok Oxygen Pressure Ind.
27-19124-3 Hickok De-Ice Pressure Gauge
27-19133-1 Hickok Pitch Trim Ind.
27-19133-5 Hickok Pitch Trim Ind.
27-19134-1 Fairchild Turn & Bank Ind.
27-19135-1 Aerosonic Aircraft Clock
27-19136-1 Aerosonic Cabin Rate of Climb Ind.
27-19137-1 Aerosonic Airspeed Ind.
27-19138-1 Aerosonic Altimeter
27-19138-3 Aerosonic Altimeter
27-19139-1 Aerosonic Vertical Speed Ind.
27-19144-5 Hickok AWI Qty Ind.
27-19145-3 Lewis Engineering Temperature Ind.
27-19149-3 Lewis Engineering E.G.T. Ind.
27-19157-1 Lewis Engineering Percent Tachometer Ind.
27-19157-3 Lewis Engineering Percent Tachometer Ind.
27-19158-5 Lewis Engineering Torque Indicator
27-19158-7 Lewis Engineering Torque Indicator
27-19160-1 Hickok Oil Temp/Press Ind.
27-19161-1 Hickok Fuel Pressure Ind.
27-19163-1 Swearingen Fuel Flow Ind.
27-19163-3 Swearingen Fuel Flow Ind.
27-19167-1 Swearingen Turn & Bank Ind.
27-19171-1 Swearingen Angle of Attack Ind.
27-19193-1 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
27-19193-5 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
27-19193-9 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
27-19193-23 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
27-19193-27 Aerosonic Max Allow. Airspeed Ind.
27-82168-7 Mid-Continent/General Design Pitch Trim Warning
2800-4530 Mid-Continent/General Design Turn & Bank Ind.
28702-502 Kollsman/IDC Encoding Altimeter
30260-1166 Aerosonic I.V.S.I.
32-19025-001 KGS Power Supply (Dimmer)
328A-3G Collins Slaving Accessory
331A-3G Collins Course Indicator
331A-6P Collins Course Indicator
332D-11T Collins Vertical Gyro
332E 4 Collins Directional Gyro
35020-1174 Aerosonic Cabin Rate of Climb Ind.
4000784-8502 Bendix Turn & Bank Ind.
4020531-170 Honeywell/Sperry Gyro Horizon
4099B RCAllen Turn & Bank Ind.
500CF JET/AIM Gyro Horizon
500ECF JET/AIM Gyro Horizon
5035P P.22 United Encoding Altimeter
504-0006-913 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0010-909 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0017-901 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0017-916 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0017-921 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0021-904 JET/AIM Gyro Horizon
504-0030-911 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0035-909 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
504-0048-901 JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
505-0002-904 JET/AIM Directional Gyro
505-0031-904 JET/AIM Directional Gyro
505-0031-916 JET/AIM Directional Gyro
509-0004-901 JET/AIM Turn & Bank Ind.
509-0004-904 JET/AIM Turn & Bank Ind.
510-1A JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
510-8B JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
510-24L JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
510-37A JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
519-22702-032 Kollsman/IDC Encoding Altimeter
519-28702-552 Kollsman/IDC Encoding Altimeter
520-3A JET/AIM Attitude Gyro
522-2638-006 Collins Course Indicator
522-2638-007 Collins Course Indicator
522-2644-011 Collins Slaving Accessory
522-2644-013 Collins Slaving Accessory
522-3241-000 Collins Directional Gyro
540-22722-004 Kollsman/IDC Altitude Alerter
55035-1148 Aerosonic Cabin Altitude Ind.
5560-8825N1L Mid-Continent/General Design Turn & Bank Ind.
563-016 Hickok Oxygen Pressure Ind.
563-031 Hickok Oil Temp/Pressure Ind.
563-032 Hickok Fuel Flow Ind.
563-039 Hickok Angle of Attack Ind.
563-062 Hickok DC Ammeter
563-069 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Ind.
563-070 Hickok Oxygen Indicator
563-071 Hickok De-Ice Pressure Ind.
563-073 Hickok Cabin Air Temperature Ind.
563-074 Hickok Oxygen Pressure Ind.
563-080 Hickok DC Ammeter
563-084 Hickok AWI Qty Ind.
563-087 Hickok Pitch Trim Ind.
5934PAD-1 United Altimeter
61100-02 Lewis Engineering E.G.T. Ind.
61100-03 Lewis Engineering E.G.T. Ind.
61104-03 Lewis Engineering I.T.T. Ind.
61111-14 Lewis Engineering Percent RPM Ind.
61121-04 Lewis Engineering Percent Torque Ind.
622-1270-001 Collins ATC Transponder
622-3594-005 Collins Attitude Director Ind.
622-3594-007 Collins Attitude Director Ind.
622-4151-001 Collins H.S.I.
622-4483-002 Collins H.S.I.
622-4565-001 Collins Vertical Gyro
622-4938-001 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-002 Collins R.M.I.
622-6136-002 Collins Directional Gyro
622-6137-001 Collins NAV Receiver
622-6152-001 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6152-002 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6152-011 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6152-012 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6153-001 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6153-002 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6263-001 Collins DME Transceiver
622-6263-003 Collins DME Transceiver
622-6389-001 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6389-002 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6389-011 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6389-012 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6390-001 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6390-002 Collins VHF COMM Transceiver
622-6520-008 Collins VHF COMM Control
622-6521-016 Collins VHF NAV Control
622-6522-008 Collins ADF Control
622-6523-008 Collins ATC Control
622-6524-001 Collins DME Ind.
622-6524-002 Collins DME Ind.
622-6524-003 Collins DME Ind.
622-6524-004 Collins DME Ind.
622-7318-001 Collins DME Ind.
622-7318-002 Collins DME Ind.
622-7318-003 Collins DME Ind.
622-7318-004 Collins DME Ind.
622-9976-001 Collins DME Ind.
622-9976-002 Collins DME Ind.
622-9976-003 Collins DME Ind.
622-9976-004 Collins DME Ind.
820-671 Hickok Tri-Meter
822-0400-001 Collins NAV Receiver
ADI-84A Collins Attitude Director Ind.
ANS-70SL Aerosonic Turn & Bank Ind.
BTI-600-2A-1 Foxtronics Battery Temperature Ind.
C-14A Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
DGS-65 Collins Directional Gyro
DSF 1549-5 Ragen Data Fuel Flow Ind.
HSI-84 Collins H.S.I.
PC350 Marathon Power Supply
TS400-1A JET/AIM Turn & Bank Ind.
TS400-2SLC JET/AIM Turn & Bank Ind.
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