Fairchild Dornier Metro 23 Capabilities

Fairchild Dornier Metro 23

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Fairchild Dornier Metro 23. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
065-00053-0000 Bendix/King Altitude Alerter Preselector
065-0053-00 Bendix/King Altitude Alerter Preselector
066-03062-0002 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
066-3062-02 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
102340-10 Airesearch Cabin Press Controller
27-19116-005 Swearingen Volt/Ammeter
27-19117-001 Swearingen Voltmeter
27-19119-003 Swearingen Flap Position Ind.
27-19121-003 Swearingen Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
27-19122-001 Swearingen Suction Ind.
27-19123-005 Swearingen Oxygen Pressure Gauge
27-19124-003 Swearingen De-ice Pressure Ind.
27-19126-001 Swearingen Outside Air Temp Ind.
27-19132-001 Swearingen Cabin Altitude Diff. Press. Ind.
27-19133-005 Swearingen Pitch Trim Ind.
27-19135 Swearingen Aircraft Clock
27-19136-001 Swearingen Cabin Rate of Climb Ind.
27-19138-001 Swearingen Altimeter
27-19139-001 Swearingen Rate of Climb Ind.
27-19145-007 Swearingen Cabin Air Temp. Ind.
27-19157-003 Swearingen % RPM Ind.
27-19158-007 Swearingen % Torque Ind.
27-19158-009 Swearingen % Torque Ind.
27-19160-005 Swearingen Oil Temperature Ind.
27-19161-001 Swearingen Fuel Pressure Ind.
27-19162-003 Swearingen Fuel Totalizer Ind.
27-19163-003 Swearingen Fuel Flow Ind.
27-19164-011 Swearingen Fuel Qty Ind.
27-19164-013 Swearingen Fuel Qty Ind.
27-19166-005 Swearingen Temperature Detector
27-19167-001 Swearingen Turn & Slip Ind.
27-19171-001 Swearingen SAS Ind.
27-19193-023 Swearingen Airspeed Ind.
27-19193-029 Swearingen Airspeed Ind.
27-19313-001 Swearingen E.G.T. Ind.
27-19342-001 Swearingen Aircraft Clock
27-19444-021 Swearingen AWI Qty Ind.
27-82186-057 Swearingen Landing Gear Ind.
27-82186-57 Swearingen Landing Gear Ind.
504-0030-911 J.E.T. Attitude Gyro
504-0048-901 J.E.T. Attitude Gyro
510-24L J.E.T. Attitude Gyro
510-37A J.E.T. Attitude Gyro
519-28702-502 Kollsman/I.D.C. Encoding Altimeter
520-3A J.E.T. Attitude Gyro
522-2638-007 Collins Course Ind.
522-2644-011 Collins Slaving Accessory
522-3241-000 Collins Directional Gyro
540-22722-004 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altitude Alerter
622-2937-002 Collins Radar Altimeter
622-4938-002 Collins R.M.I.
622-6136-002 Collins Slaved Directional Gyro
622-6520-008 Collins VHF COMM Control
622-6521-016 Collins VHF NAV Control
622-6522-008 Collins ADF Control
622-6523-008 Collins ATC Control
622-6524-003 Collins DME Ind.
811B Davtron Aircraft Clock
BTI-600-2A-1 Tramm Battery Temperature Ind.
CTL-22 Collins VHF COMM Control
CTL-32 Collins VHF NAV Control
CTL-62 Collins ADF Control
CTL-92 Collins ATC Control
DGS-65 Collins Slaved Directional Gyro
MS17983-1 Airpath Magnetic Compass
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