Bombardier Learjet 60 Capabilities

Bombardier Learjet 60

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Bombardier Learjet 60. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
064-01015-0001 Bendix/King HF RCVR/Exciter
064-01016-0003 Bendix/King HF Comm
064-1015-01 Bendix/King HF RCVR/Exciter
064-1016-03 Bendix/King HF Comm
10403N03C00 Ametek Cabin Pressure Indicator
152LV608 Lewis Angle of Attack Indicator
31400-103 Kollsman/IDC Standby Altimeter
39310-J2057 Kollsman/IDC Standby Airspeed Indicator
501-1197-05 J.E.T. Standby Attitude Gyro
501-1228-04 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
501-1318-01 J.E.T. Voltage Converter
501-1666-01 J.E.T. Inverter
501-1679-01 J.E.T. Autopilot Controller
501-1679-02 J.E.T. Autopilot Controller
563-320 Hickok Angle of Attack Indicator
570-31400-103 Kollsman/IDC Standby Altimeter
622-1270-001 Collins ATC Transponder
622-2855-011 Collins Radio Altimeter XCVR
622-5027-002 Collins Servo Assy
622-7292-101 Collins VHF Comm XCVR
622-7309-101 Collins DME XCVR
622-7382-101 Collins ADF RCVR
622-9336-400 Collins Attitude Heading Computer
622-9344-001 Collins Data Acquisition Unit
622-9347-001 Collins Sensor Display Driver
622-9576-002 Collins Control Unit
622-9732-003 Collins Signal Interface Adapter
622-9865-002 Collins Data Base Unit
6608108-2 Avtech Aural Warning Control Unit
6608210-32 Hickok Wing Temperature Indicator
6608401-12 Hickok Air Pressure Indicator
6608401-13 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
6608401-7 Hickok Oxygen Pressure Indicator
6608472-1 Hickok Control Temperature Indicator
6608475-3 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
6608476-3 Hickok Spoiler Position Indicator
6608483-1 J.E.T. Inverter
6608486-1 Hickok Cabin Temperature Indicator
6608506-3 Ametek Cabin Pressure Indicator
6608514-1 Hickok Stab Trim Indicator
6608515-2 Lewis Angle of Attack Indicator
6608515-2 Hickok Angle of Attack Indicator
720-317 Hickok Stab Trim Indicator
8047-700-53 Horizon Standby Altimeter
820-622 Hickok Oxygen Pressure Indicator
820-655 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
820-666 Hickok Air Pressure Indicator
820-685 Hickok Wing Temperature Indicator
820-699 Hickok Control Temperature Indicator
820-701 Hickok Cabin Temperature Indicator
820-710 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
820-711 Hickok Spoiler Position Indicator
822-0328-002 Collins Altitude Awareness Panel
822-0389-109 Collins Air Data Computer
883-1 Avtech Aural Warning Control Unit
9-342-03 Eldec Control Display Unit
9-343-02 Eldec Isolation Interface Unit
9-343-03 Eldec Isolation Interface Unit
9-361-01 Eldec Engine Diagnostic Unit
9-361-02 Eldec Engine Diagnostic Unit
9-361-04 Eldec Engine Diagnostic Unit
9-362-01 Eldec Control Display Unit
9-362-02 Eldec Control Display Unit
AAP-851 Collins Altitude Awareness Panel
ADC-850D Collins Air Data Computer
ADF-462 Collins ADF RCVR
AHC-85E Collins Attitude Heading Computer
ALT-55B Collins Radio Altimeter XCVR
C2350-L4-M23 Airpath Magnetic Compass
CDU-860 Collins Control Unit
DAU-650 Collins Data Acquisition Unit
DBU-4000 Collins Data Base Unit
DME-442 Collins DME XCVR
FDU-70 Collins Flux Detector
SDD-640A Collins Sensor Display Driver
SIA-850 Collins Signal Interface Adapter
SVO-85B Collins Servo Assy
TDR-90 Collins ATC Transponder
VHF-422A Collins VHF Comm XCVR
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