Bombardier Learjet 31 Capabilities

Bombardier Learjet 31

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Bombardier Learjet 31. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
065-00082-0003 Bendix/King Air Data Computer
065-0082-03 Bendix/King Air Data Computer
066-03077-0038 Bendix/King Altimeter/V.S.I
066-03079-0014 Bendix/King Mach Airspeed Indicator
066-03080-0004 Bendix/King SAT/TAS Indicator
066-3077-38 Bendix/King Altimeter/V.S.I
066-3079-14 Bendix/King Mach Airspeed Indicator
066-3080-04 Bendix/King SAT/TAS Indicator
162LC605A Lewis Ram Air Temp Indicator
23989-511 Kollsman/IDC Altitude Alerter
31400-103 Kollsman/IDC Standby Altimeter 2ATI
31400-113 Kollsman/IDC Standby Altimeter 2ATI
39310-A1069 Kollsman/IDC Standby Airspeed Indicator
39380-103 Kollsman/IDC Air Data Sensor
4006-3002 Insco DC Voltmeter
4007-3002 Insco AC Voltmeter
4101-3015 Insco Ammeter
418-08064 Edison Oil Pressure Transmitter
497-01614 Edison Dual Oil Pressure Indicator
5002-3025 Insco Oil Temperature Indicator
501-1169-02 J.E.T. Rate Gyro
501-1197-05 J.E.T. Standby Attitude Gyro
501-1228-04 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
501-1318-01 J.E.T. Voltage Converter
501-1712-02 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
520-4152-007 Aeronetics R.M.I.
540-23989-511 Kollsman/IDC Altitude Alerter
563-104 Hickok Dual Fuel Flow Indicator
570-31400-103 Kollsman/IDC Standby Altimeter 2ATI
570-31400-113 Kollsman/IDC Standby Altimeter 2ATI
620359 Honeywell Flux Valve
621-39380-103 Kollsman/IDC Air Data Sensor
6608208-9 Hickok Angle of Attack Indicator
6608210-15 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
6608210-30 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
6608210-32 Hickok Wing Temp Indicator
6608217-11 Hickok Aileron Trim Indicator
6608238-4 Hickok Dual Fuel Flow Indicator
6608303-2 Insco Instrument Cluster
6608401-14 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
6608403-3 Lewis Ram Air Temp Indicator
6608404-1 Edison Dual Oil Pressure Indicator
6608438-2 J.E.T. Rate Gyro
6608442-1 Kollsman/IDC Altitude Alerter
720-186 Hickok Aileron Trim Indicator
8047-700-53 Horizon Standby Altimeter 2ATI
820-615 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
820-672 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
820-675 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
820-684 Hickok Angle of Attack Indicator
820-685 Hickok Wing Temp Indicator
9025-3007 Insco Instrument Cluster
AI-804R J.E.T. Standby Attitude Gyro
C2350-L4-M23 Airpath Compass
JG911B19 Honeywell Fuel Quantity Indicator
JG911B20 Honeywell Fuel Quantity Indicator
KAI 487 Bendix/King Mach Airspeed Indicator
KAV 485 Bendix/King Altimeter/V.S.I
KDC 481 Bendix/King Air Data Computer
KST 488 Bendix/King SAT/TAS Indicator
M877 Davtron Clock
PS-835D J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
PS-855 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
RG-227E J.E.T. Rate Gyro
SC-841A J.E.T. Voltage Converter
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