Beechcraft King Air 90 Capabilities

Beechcraft King Air 90

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Beechcraft King Air 90. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
100-0034-09 R.C.Allen Prop Tach Indicator
100-384050-5 U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
100-384054-1 United Vertical Speed Indicator
100-384070-1 R.C.Allen Gyro Horizon
100-384073-1 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
101-380030-1 A.I.M. Turn & Slip Indicator
101-380030-5 A.I.M. Turn & Slip Indicator
101-380030-9 R.C.Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
101-384078-1 Hickok AC Volt/Frequency Indicator
101-384120-1 A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
101735-01563 Aerosonic Altimeter
114.005 Kratos Oil Temperature Indicator
115-384012-3 Kratos Oil Temperature Indicator
11B269 A.I.D. Airspeed Indicator
152B208B Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
152B208E Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
152C208L Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
18-380021-1 A.I.D. Directional Gyro
1U262-001-11 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
200-5 A.I.M. Directional Gyro
200E A.I.M. Directional Gyro
217-07211 Edison Torquemeter Indicator
22-204-02-A Garwin Vertical Speed Indicator
22280026 Precision Winding Prop Sync Indicator
22-374-A01 Garwin Altimeter
23-401-02-8 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
23-501-16 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
23-501-16-1 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
25122-B25-A2-A2 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
2800-7315 General Design Turn & Slip Indicator 2
2800-8735-1 General Design Turn & Slip Indicator
311-1 A.I.D. Turn & Slip Indicator , Vacuum
331A-3F Collins Course Indicator
3571211-9009 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
3571212-0044 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
4000B-10 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
5000B-10 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
5000B-33 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
500ECF A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
500ECFB A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
50-380023 A.I.D. Turn & Slip Indicator , Vacuum
50-380023-1 A.I.D. Turn & Slip Indicator
50-380024 General Design Turn & Slip Indicator
50-380026-1 Hickok Indicator
50-380034-3 Various Turbine Tach Indicator
50-380035-1 Various Prop Tach Indicator
50-380094-1 Garwin Altimeter
50-380107-5 Edison Torquemeter Indicator
50-384073 United Vertical Speed Indicator
50-384073 Garwin Vertical Speed Indicator
50-384110 A.I.D. Turn & Slip Indicator, Vacuum 2
50-384162 A.I.D. Airspeed Indicator
50-384203 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
50-384203-3 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
50-384204 Various Directional Gyro
50-384205 Various Directional Gyro
50-389091 Precision Winding Prop Sync Indicator
50-389102-1 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
50-389102-21 Weston I.T.T. Indicator
50-389102-23 Weston I.T.T. Indicator
50-389102-9 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
504-0002-902 A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
505-0001-908 A.I.M. Directional Gyro
509-0003-901 A.I.M. Turn & Slip Indicator
516-1 Instruments, Inc. Prop Tach Indicator
521702 Weston I.T.T. Indicator
522-3082-00 Collins Course Indicator
522-3082-000 Collins Course Indicator
522-3082-001 Collins Course Indicator
556-101 Hickok Indicator
5609-03 Aero Mach Labs Turbine Tach Indicator
570-518 Hickok AC Volt/Frequency Indicator
58-380069-5 Aerosonic Altimeter
5934PA-1 A.109 United Altimeter
5934PA-3 A.109 United Altimeter
6501-1045 Insco Prop Tach Indicator
6501-1047 Insco Turbine Tach Indicator
7040 C.5 United Vertical Speed Indicator
7130 C.44 United Vertical Speed Indicator
8DJ81CCY4 Ametek/G.E. Turbine Tach Indicator
90-384026-15 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
90-384026-17 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
90-384026-3 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
90-384026-39 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
90-384026-5 Lewis I.T.T. Indicator
91-380012-3 U.S.Gauge Torquemeter Indicator
91-380019-1 General Design Turn & Slip Indicator 2
99-384039 United Altimeter
99-384039 United Altimeter
B380 A.I.D. Turn & Slip Indicator
B384 A.I.D. Turn & Slip Indicator, Vacuum 2
RCA25C-6 R.C.Allen Gyro Horizon
RCA60-3 R.C.Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
SR-2AG U.S.Gauge Torquemeter Indicator
SR-94L U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
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