Beechcraft King Air 350 Capabilities

Beechcraft King Air 350

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Beechcraft King Air 350. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
056-0020-01 R.C.Allen Turn & Slip Indicator (Air)
056-0023-07 R.C.Allen Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
100-0049-03 R.C.Allen Turbine Tach Indicator
100-0051-03 R.C.Allen Prop Tach Indicator
101-380029-1 Beechcraft Altimeter
101-380030-11 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator (Air)
101-380031-1 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
101-380031-3 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
101-380032-3 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator (Air)
101-380033-1 Beechcraft V.S.I.
101-380034-1 Beechcraft I.V.S.I.
101-380036-1 Beechcraft Gyro Horizon
101-380037-1 Beechcraft Directional Gyro
101-380080-3 Beechcraft Gyro Horizon
101-384092-1 Beechcraft Clock
101-384154-3 Beechcraft I.T.T. Indicator
101-384154-7 Beechcraft I.T.T. Indicator
101-384155-7 Beechcraft Oil Pressure/Temp Indicator
101-384156-1 Beechcraft Prop Sync Indicator
101-384157-5 Beechcraft Prop Tach Indicator
101-384159-7 Beechcraft Turbine Tach Indicator
102-0041-09 R.C.Allen Gyro Horizon
102-0041-33 R.C.Allen Gyro Horizon
102235-11868 Aerosonic Altimeter
1103P26-15 I.T.T. Neo-Dyn Pressure Switch
114-380010-1 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
130-380005-3 Beechcraft A/S w/Integral Overspeed Warning Switch
130-380010-1 Beechcraft Fuel Flow Conditioner Indicator
130-380039-3 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
130-380041-3 Beechcraft I.T.T. Indicator
130-380042-3 Beechcraft Torque Indicator
130-380043-3 Beechcraft Prop Tach Indicator
130-380044-3 Beechcraft Turbine Tach Indicator
130-380045-3 Beechcraft Oil Pressure/Temp Indicator
152LC208J Horizon Aerospace I.T.T. Indicator
1U262-011-8 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
1U367-207-8 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
1U367-232-2 Sigma-Tek Gyro Horizon
20130-11341 Aerosonic Airspeed Indicator
201530-11344 Aerosonic A/S w/Integral Overspeed Warning Switch
20B380-4 R.C.Allen Turn & Slip Indicator (Air)
22-280-026 Sigma-Tek Prop Sync Indicator
30230-1176 Aerosonic I.V.S.I.
331A-3G Collins Avionics Course Indicator
3940231-9004 Bendix Turbine Tach Indicator
4000B-28 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
41-305-1 Meggitt Avionics Prop Tach Indicator
41-403-1 Meggitt Avionics I.T.T. Indicator
43-202-1 Meggitt Avionics Torque Indicator
43-304-1 Meggitt Avionics Turbine Tach Indicator
50-389121-15 Beechcraft Pressure Switch
518-5 Instruments, Inc Prop Tach Indicator
520-7 Instruments, Inc Turbine Tach Indicator
522-2638-006 Collins Avionics Course Indicator
522686 Ametek/Weston I.T.T. Indicator
5550-8340N5L Mid-Continent/General Design Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
559-1 Instruments, Inc. Flap Position Transmitter
563-248 Hickok Oil Pressure/Temp Indicator
70002-0131 Aerosonic Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
70002-1128 Aerosonic Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
7040B-C.77 United Instruments V.S.I.
71502-1111 Aerosonic Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
8230L-B.628 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
83-184-1 Meggitt Avionics Oil Pressure/Temp Indicator
8TJ9PFF-44 Ametek/G.E. Flap Position Transmitter
9550B-N.574 United Instruments Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
9550B-N.577 United Instruments Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
AN5786-1 Ametek/G.E. Flap Position Transmitter
AN5786-1 Instruments, Inc. Flap Position Transmitter
AN5786-1 Liquidometer/BFG/Simmonds Flap Position Transmitter
AT4220A5 Astrotech Clock
B4.0.932.22.00.0 Thommen Clock
EA173E-2 Liquidometer/BFG/Simmonds Flap Position Transmitter
LC-2A-5 Astrotech Clock
PC900-1A0800PH1*2 Ketema A & E Fuel Flow Conditioner Indicator
RCA22-29 R.C.Allen Gyro Horizon
RCA22-42 R.C.Allen Gyro Horizon
RCA40B-08 R.C.Allen Prop Tach Indicator
RCA41B-03 R.C.Allen Turbine Tach Indicator
RCA56-09 R.C.Allen Turn & Slip Indicator (Electric)
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