Beechcraft King Air 200 Capabilities

Beechcraft King Air 200

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Beechcraft King Air 200. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
101735-01563 Aerosonic Altimeter
20140-01159 Aerosonic Maximum Allowable Airspeed Indicator
35060-0116 Aerosonic Vertical Speed Indicator
55035-0103-13 Aerosonic Cabin Altitude Differential Pressure Indicator
86000-0177 Aerosonic Aircraft Clock
RC30V101 Aerosonic Vertical Speed Indicator
521633 Ametek Temperature Indicator
521942 Ametek Temperature Indicator
522082 Ametek Oil Temperature and Pressure Indicator
522325 Ametek Temperature Indicator
8DJ81CCY4 Ametek Tachometer Indicator
SR-2AM Ametek Synchro Indicator
SLZ9635 Avionic Specialities Inertial-Lead Vertical Speed Indicator
100-380006-47 Beechcraft Fuel Quantity Indicator
100-384054-1 Beechcraft Vertical Speed Indicator
101-384008-3 Beechcraft Torque Indicator
101-384074-3 Beechcraft Maximum Allowable Airspeed Indicator
101-384092-1 Beechcraft Aircraft Clock
101-384106-3 Beechcraft DC Volt Load Meter
101-384107-1 Beechcraft AC Volt/Frequency Indicator
101-384107-3 Beechcraft AC Volt/Frequency Indicator
101-384122-5 Beechcraft Oil Temperature & Pressure Indicator
101-384133-1 Beechcraft Suction Gage
101-384150-7 Beechcraft Fuel Quantity Indicator
101-384151-5 Beechcraft Fuel Quantity Indicator
117-384019-3 Beechcraft Fuel Quantity Indicator
50-380023-1 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator
50-380024 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator
50-380026-1 Beechcraft Temperature Indicator
50-380034-3 Beechcraft Tachometer Indicator
50-380035-5 Beechcraft Tachometer Indicator
50-380045 Beechcraft Cabin Rate of Climb
50-380045 Beechcraft Cabin Rate of Climb
50-380046-17 Beechcraft Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
50-380067 Beechcraft Volt Load Meter
50-380105-1 Beechcraft Pressure Indicator
50-384042-9 Beechcraft Suction Gage
50-384073 Beechcraft Vertical Speed Indicator
50-384203-3 Beechcraft Attitude Gyro
50-384204 Beechcraft Directional Gyro
50-384205 Beechcraft Directional Gyro
50-389102-19 Beechcraft Temperature Indicator
58-380069-5 Beechcraft Sensitive Pressure Altimeter
90-380009-2 Beechcraft Fuel Flow Indicator
90-384026-11 Beechcraft ITT Indicator
90-384026-23 Beechcraft ITT Indicator
90-384026-29 Beechcraft ITT Indicator
90-384026-31 Beechcraft ITT Indicator
91-380018-1 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator
91-380019-1 Beechcraft Turn & Slip Indicator
1652-6AW-B6-1 Bendix Rate of Climb Indicator
3571262-7303 Bendix Tachometer Indicator
3571281-8104 Bendix Tachometer Indicator
267-901-003 Gull Airborne Fuel Quantity Indicator
267-917-001 Gull Airborne Fuel Flow Indicator
562-693 Hickok Ammeter
562-974 Hickok D.C. Volt/Load-meter Indicator
563-241 Hickok Oil Temperature and Pressure Indicator
563-242 Hickok Oil Temperature and Pressure Indicator
570-529 Hickok AC Volt/Frequency Indicator
570-531 Hickok AC Volt/Frequency Indicator
A11579 Hickok Ammeter
5006-1028 Insco Temperature Indicator
6501-1047 Insco Tachometer Indicator
9032-1009 Insco Dual Fuel Quantity Indicator
509-0001-904 J.E.T./A.I.M. Turn & Slip Indicator
2800-7315 Kollsman/I.D.C. Encoding Altimeter
210-5B L3 Avionics Directional Gyro
500ECF L3 Avionics Horizon Reference Indicator
EA173E-2 Liquidometer Position Transmitter
81-101-3 Meggitt Fuel Quantity Indicator
100-0034-04 R.C. Allen Tachometer Indicator
100-0034-10 R.C. Allen Tachometer Indicator
20B380-1 R.C. Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
27B411-1 R.C. Allen Suction Gage
A1620-03 R.C. Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
B365-5 R.C. Allen Single Electric Prop Tachometer
B366-3 R.C. Allen Percent Tachometer Indicator
B381 R.C. Allen Turn & Bank Indicator
B410-1 R.C. Allen Pressure Gage
B411-9 R.C. Allen Suction Gage
G4003 R.C. Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
RCA41-06 R.C. Allen Tachometer Indicator
RCA42-01 R.C. Allen Tachometer Indicator
1U262-001-11 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
22-112-03-2A Sigma-Tek Pressure Gage
22-279-03A Sigma-Tek Single Electric Prop Tachometer
23-424-01 Sigma-Tek Turn & Slip Indicator
23-501-016-1 Sigma-Tek Attitude Gyro
4000B-10 Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro
152C208M Ultra Electronics Flighline Systems Temperature Indicator
5934A-A.106 United Instruments Sensitive Pressure Altimeter
7130-C.44 United Instruments Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
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