British Aerospace Jetstream 41 Capabilities

British Aerospace Jetstream 41

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the British Aerospace Jetstream 41. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
1001KAM01 Smiths Industries Fuel Amplifier
112053-02 Puritan Bennett Altitude Regulator
1611AM1 Smiths Industries Altimeter-Standby
171BS101-2 Acme URDC Emergency Power Supply Unit
2121-2-50 Weston Fuel Temp Gauge
2132-1-46 Weston Oxygen Pressure Gauge
22260C020303 ABG SEMCA Cabin Pressure Controller
273AS1 Smiths Industries Airspeed Ind.
331EDP1-2 Smiths Industries Engine Display Panel
4016341-905 Honeywell Altimeter
4460C000 Normalair Oil Temp Switch
4A584240F051AH Revue Thommen Cabin Rate of Climb
4D2037-03 B.F. Goodrich De-Ice Timer
501-1566-16 J.E.T. Artificial Horizon
5102C000 Normalair Oil Temp Switch
520-3337-517 Weston R.M.I.
6931-700 Pacific Scientific Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
696.1.21 Weston Brake Press Ind.
696.2.25 Weston Triple Gauge
696.2.30 Weston Oil & Fuel Gauge
696.3.29 Weston Hyd. Fluid Contents/Pressure Ind.
7001840-922 Honeywell Radio Altimeter RCVR
7002638-909 Honeywell S.A.T./T.A.S./T.A.T. Ind.
7003897-903 Honeywell Autopilot Controller
7003938-907 Honeywell Flight Computer Mode Selector
7004545-911 Honeywell A.H.R.S Controller
7005383-921 Honeywell Auto-Pilot Elevator Trim Servo
7010133-000 Honeywell Flux Valve
7010680-932 Honeywell Flight Control Computer
7011345-941 Honeywell Remote Instrument Controller #1
7011345-943 Honeywell Remote Instrument Controller #2
7012100-801 Honeywell Radio Management Unit #2
717701-1 Dowty Elect Landing Gear Control Panel
7511001-927 Honeywell Audio Selector Panel
DVM41B Marathon Volt/Ammeter
EM2081-15A Electro-Mech Fuel Level Ind.
S532.2.418 Weston Temp.Ind.
TY1761-02A Lucas Actuation Flap Position Ind.
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