Dassault Falcon Jet 20 Capabilities

Dassault Falcon Jet 20

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Dassault Falcon Jet 20. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
1-1021SB Jaeger Pressure Warning Switch
1-1106ZB Jaeger Pressure Transmitter
1-1118ZF Jaeger High Pressure Transmitter
1-1118ZG Jaeger High Pressure Transmitter
1-1213-06 Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1213-11 Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1213-16 Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1213AH Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1213AK Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1213AL Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1213KB Jaeger Pressure Switch
1-1306-02 Jaeger Fuel Level Indicator
1-1306-03 Jaeger Fuel Level Indicator
1-1306-04 Jaeger Fuel Level Indicator
1-1306AA Jaeger Fuel Level Indicator
1-1307AA Jaeger Temperature/Pressure Indicator
1-1307AB Jaeger Triple Pressure Indicator
1-1335AA Jaeger Dual Contents Indicator
1-1336-03 Jaeger Cabin Pressure Gauge
1-1336AA Jaeger Cabin Pressure Gauge
1-1337-01 Jaeger Cabin Altimeter
1-1337AA Jaeger Cabin Altimeter
1-1346AA Jaeger Differential Pressure Transmitter
13300-010 Kollsman/IDC Cabin Altitude Controller
13300-020 Kollsman/IDC Cabin Altitude Controller
13300-7 Kollsman/IDC Cabin Altitude Controller
142 Vion Magnetic Compass
142A Vion Magnetic Compass
1518-14A Bendix Inverter
1518-8-B Bendix Inverter
1518-8-C Bendix Inverter
152BLX Lewis Thermocouple Temperature Indicator
1-6012 ECE Voltmeter Selector Switch
163ZS01Y ECE Audio Warning Unit
1914HJ Jaeger Low Pressure Warning Switch
1936ZB Jaeger Position Transmitter
2391-22-0 Brion-Leroux Volt/Ammeter
2392-16-0 Brion-Leroux Volt/Ammeter
2393-011-0 Brion-Leroux Volt/Ammeter
2393-012-0 Brion-Leroux Volt/Ammeter
2393-014-0 Brion-Leroux Reverse DC Ammeter
2393-016-0 Brion-Leroux Reverse DC Ammeter
23932-902 Kollsman/IDC Pnuematic Altimeter
2396 Brion-Leroux Volt/Ammeter
2CM9ACE7 GE Tachometer Generator
30-1136-1 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-11 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-13 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-15 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-3 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-5 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-7 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
30-1136-9 Grimes Navigational Strobe Light
301RGS/1 Smiths Miniature Rate Gyro
334C-6 Collins Primary Servo
345A-7 Collins Rate-of-Turn Sensor
345A-7A Collins Rate-of-Turn Sensor
345A-7B Collins Rate-of-Turn Sensor
404734-1 Intertechnique Altitude Pressure Switch
4238Z010101 Liebherr Aerospace Pressure Switch
4563-13 Brion-Leroux Dual Flaps Indicator
4563-14 Brion-Leroux Dual Flaps Indicator
4563-19 Brion-Leroux Dual Flaps Indicator
548S-3 Collins Power Amplifier Coupler
548S-3A Collins Power Amplifier Coupler
548S-5 Collins Power Amplifier Coupler
548S-5A Collins Power Amplifier Coupler
548S-6 Collins Power Amplifier Coupler
570-23932-902 Kollsman/IDC Pnuematic Altimeter
60-2667-1 Grimes Strobe Light Power Supply
60-2667-3 Grimes Strobe Light Power Supply
60-2667-5 Grimes Strobe Light Power Supply
60-2667-7 Grimes Strobe Light Power Supply
60651-001-1 Jaeger Airspeed Sensor
620359 Sperry Thin Flux Valve
620783 Sperry Thin Flux Valve
64302-004-1 Jaeger Pressure Switch
671U-4/4 Collins Receiver/Exciter
7015 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y02 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y021 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y04 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y041 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y05 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y051 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y08 ECE Audio Warning Unit
7015Y081 ECE Audio Warning Unit
701839 Hoskins Power Supply
701839-1 Hoskins Power Supply
703-340-2 Intertechnique Fuel Tank Gauge Unit
703-341-1 Intertechnique Fuel Tank Gauge Unit
703-342-1 Intertechnique Fuel Tank Gauge Unit
703-342-2 Intertechnique Fuel Tank Gauge Unit
704-171 Intertechnique Fuel Tank Gauge Unit
704-172 Intertechnique Fuel Tank Gauge Unit
706043-2 Intertechnique Dual Amplifier
706043-3 Intertechnique Dual Amplifier
706043-4 Intertechnique Dual Amplifier
706043-5 Intertechnique Dual Amplifier
706180-1 Intertechnique Dual Amplifier
710-127 Intertechnique Dual Fuel Quantoty Indicator
718330 Intertechnique Relay Box
728026-2 Intertechnique Amplifier
728026-3 Intertechnique Amplifier
75-0341-1 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-13 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-15 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-17 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-19 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-21 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-23 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-25 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-27 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-29 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-3 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-5 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-7 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
75-0341-9 Grimes Indicator Light Assy
728030 Intertechnique Control Box
728483 Intertechnique Temperature Indicator
782138 Intertechnique Amplifier
782487 Intertechnique Amplifier
803-2 Sextant Attitude Indicator
803V21 Sextant Attitude Indicator
803V24 Sextant Attitude Indicator
8DJ125XXX GE Flowmeter Indicator
8DJ81XXX GE Tachometer Indicator
8TJ64GBM2 GE Flowmeter Transmitter
8TJ88GAP1 GE Power Supply
8TJ88GAR1 GE Power Supply
8TJ88GAT1 GE Power Supply
8TJ88GAV1 GE Power Supply
958-1 ECE Fire Warning Panel
958-11 ECE Fire Warning Panel
958-12 ECE Fire Warning Panel
958-121 ECE Fire Warning Panel
959-3 ECE Hydraulic Control Panel
959-4 ECE Hydraulic Control Panel
999-3 ECE Failure Warning Panel
APM1100 Air Precision Aircraft Clock
APM1200 Air Precision Aircraft Clock
APM1400 Air Precision Aircraft Clock
B0200-81105 Astek Airspeed Data
B0200-81110 Astek Airspeed Data
B0200-81111 Astek Airspeed Data
B0200-81127 Astek Airspeed Data
B0704-10004 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10006 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10008 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10009 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10010 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10011 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10012 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10016 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10034 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10036 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
B0704-10038 Astek Overspeed Limit Sensor
BTI600 TRAMM Battery Temperature Indicator
C0001-81103 Astek Large Numeral Drum Altimeter
G9950-1 Grimes Tandem Oscillating Nav Light
JG288C2 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Indicator
L96A26-203 Intertechnique Pressure Transmitter
L96A26-204 Intertechnique Pressure Transmitter
L98A202 Zenith Magnetic Level Indicator
LG80A11 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Transmitter
LG80A12 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Transmitter
LG80A18 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Transmitter
LG80A6 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Transmitter
LG80A7 Honeywell Pressure Ratio Transmitter
M3520-6 RC Allen Turn & Slip Indicator
PC-17A Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
PL3SI Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
PS-823 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
RCM-10-3 Aerosonic Rate-of-Climb Indicator
RCM-10-4 Aerosonic Rate-of-Climb Indicator
SLZ9123 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9127 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9145 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9157 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9158 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9190 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9200 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9244 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9247 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SLZ9248 Teledyne Vertical Speed Indicator
SVO-80 Collins Primary Servo
TGS420-101 Sextant Static Inverter
TSG420-103 Sextant Static Inverter
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