Fokker F-100 Capabilities

Fokker F-100

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Fokker F-100. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
066-03062-0002 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
066-03062-0003 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
066-3062-02 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
066-3062-03 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
129-FL Smiths Position Transmitter
15900-601 Kollsman/I.D.C. Cabin Altitude, Rate, & Differential Pressure Ind.
162BL701A Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Indicator
1653-6ABE6-5 Bendix Rate of Climb Indicator
177BL100 Lewis Engineering Oil Temperature Indicator
1783867-11 Honeywell/Sperry Servo Amplifier
1784389-653 Honeywell/Sperry Gyrosyn Compass Indicator
1784460-657 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Magnetic Compass
2587335-11 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
2588302-3 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
2588302-4 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
2591411-444 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
2592920-444 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Deviation Indicator
2593996-333 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
2593996-444 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
331A-3G Collins Course Indicator
339D-1 Collins DME Indicator
339H-1 Collins Radio Altimeter Indicator
3571211-9054 Bendix Flap Position indicator
3571220-5004 Bendix Blower Pressure Indicator
3571220-5005 Bendix Fuel Pressure Indicator
36105-1N14CI Bendix Radio Magnetic Compass
3907-1HA1-1 Bendix Turn & Bank Indicator
4A.16.42.60.F05 Thommen Rate of Climb Indicator
501-1075-07 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
501-1228-04 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
522-1859-003 Collins DME Indicator
522-2638-003 Collins Course Indicator
522-4114-003 Collins Radio Altimeter Indicator
60121-000-1 Sextant Encoding Altimeter
64040-560-1 Sextant Airspeed Indicator
64111-301-1 Sextant Encoding Altimeter
64111-790-1 Sextant Encoding Altimeter
64111-950-1 Sextant Altimeter
656520 Honeywell/Sperry Flux Valve
656767 Honeywell/Sperry Compensator
7000469-913 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
7000836-923 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
705-15V1 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
705-15V9 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
720-15900-601 Kollsman/I.D.C. Cabin Altitude, Rate, & Differential Pressure Ind.
87000-1105 Aerosonic Clock
910FL Smiths Position Transmitter
93A100-30 Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A152-00 Fairchild Microphone Monitor
A38729-10-004 Kollsman Altimeter
AD-500A Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
B13-944.22.05.1F Thommen Chronograph
C-6E Honeywell/Sperry Radio Magnetic Compass
C6-J Honeywell/Sperry Gyrosyn Compass Indicator
CB2100-T4 Airpath Standby Compass
CS-212 Honeywell/Sperry Compensator
DG-242 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
EA148ANH-D129H Liquidometer W/M Quantity Indicator
FX-125 Honeywell/Sperry Flux Valve
G8400A24-24 Grimes Anti-Collision Light
G8400A37-24 Grimes Anti-Collision Light
HZ-444 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
KCA-0101C S.I.R.S. Standby Compass
KCA0106W S.I.R.S. Standby Compass
KEA 346 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
PC-350-2A Marathon Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
PC-500 Honeywell/Sperry Autopilot Controller
PC50-1 Marathon Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
PS823CT J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
PS835D J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
PW-762MV-BU-27-860 Smiths T.G.T. Indicator
RD-444 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Deviation Indicator
RD-650A Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
S218-5 Weston U.K. T.G.T. Indicator
S218-5-26 Weston U.K. T.G.T. Indicator
TARSYN-333 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
TARSYN-444 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
VG-311 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
WL1103AMMS9 Smiths Altimeter
WL235ASPCFA2 Smiths Airspeed Indicator
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