Embraer ERJ 135 / 145 Capabilities

Embraer ERJ 135 / 145

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Embraer ERJ 135 / 145. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
100865 Bruce Industries Battery Power Supply
10-1086-1 Grimes Aisle and Emergency Light
10-1086-3 Grimes Aisle and Emergency Light
10-1119-1 Grimes Emergency Dome Light
10-1119-11 Grimes Emergency Dome Light
10-1119-3 Grimes Emergency Dome Light
10-1119-5 Grimes Emergency Dome Light
10-1119-7 Grimes Emergency Dome Light
10-1119-9 Grimes Emergency Dome Light
11-0049 Derlan Incorporated Battery Power Supply
123-02302-401 Embraer Steering Controller Assembly
135-01226-401 Embraer Backup Battery Relay Box
145-21255-401 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-21255-403 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-29936-401 Embraer Backup Battery Relay Box
145-31116-401 Embraer Main Battery Relay Box
145-31118-401 Embraer Main Battery Relay Box
145-32126-403 Embraer Avionics Diode Box
145-33022-401 Embraer Spoiler Control Unit
145-33022-403 Embraer Spoiler Control Unit
145-33022-405 Embraer Spoiler Control Unit
145-33022-407 Embraer Spoiler Control Unit
145-33022-409 Embraer Spoiler Control Unit
145-33022-411 Embraer Spoiler Control Unit
145-40080-401 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-40080-403 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-41385-403 Embraer Backup Battery Relay Box
145-42151-401 Embraer Backup Battery Relay Box
145-45980-401 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-45980-403 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-45990-401 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-46430-401 Embraer Engine Control Box
145-46430-403 Embraer Engine Control Box
1625-1 Avtech Windshield Temperature Controller
1-7054-1 Aviac Technologies Fire Shutoff Switch
1826-1 Avtech D.C. Lamp Dimmer
2-7054-1 Aviac Technologies Fire Shutoff Switch
2LA002607 Series Hella Cargo Compartment Light
30-2438-1 Grimes Tail Position Light
30-2438-3 Grimes Tail Position Light
30-2510-1 Grimes Emergency Egress Light
30-2510-3 Grimes Emergency Egress Light
30-2675-1 Grimes Anti-Collision Light
30-2676-1 Grimes Anti-Collision Light
50-0291-1 Grimes Taxiing/Landing Light
501-1197-20 J.E.T. Standby Altitude Indicator
501-1228-04 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
64050-663-1 Sextant Airspeed Indicator
7-45550-1 Triumph Controls Landing Gear Control
7824-1 Luminescent Systems Inc. Emergency Egress Power Supply
999-1003 Mason Electric Speed Brake Lever Switch Assembly
AI-804BL J.E.T. Standby Altitude Indicator
BC1-0020 Series Bruce Industries Cabin Emergency Light
BF1-0010 Series Bruce Industries Passenger Information Sign
C14129AA Sextant Standby Altimeter
C14129BA Sextant Standby Altimeter
C14130AA Sextant Standby Altimeter
C-5J AMETEK/US Gauge Magnetic Compass
EF-2C DME Corporation Rechargeable Flashlight
GMT4190-011 Sextant Digital Clock
P2-07-0009-120 DME Corporation Rechargeable Flashlight
PC-251-123F Marathon Flite-Tronics 250 VA Static Inverter
PS-835D J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
RPS1-B Derlan Incorporated Battery Power Supply
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