de Havilland DCH-8 Capabilities

de Havilland DCH-8

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the de Havilland DCH-8. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
060-00015-0000 Bendix/King Directional Gyro
060-0015-00 Bendix/King Directional Gyro
066-03062-0002 Bendix/King Servoed Encoding Altimeter
066-3060-02 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
10013-0000-02 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
10014-0000-02 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
10048-0000-01 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
10049-0000-01 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
10-1418-11 Honeywell Passenger Service Unit
10167N01W00 Ametek Torque Indicator
10167N02W00 Ametek Torque Indicator
10168N01T00 Ametek I.T.T. Indicator
10169N01R00 Ametek Prop RPM Indicator
10169N02R00 Ametek Prop RPM Indicator
10169N03R00 Ametek Prop RPM Indicator
10170N01R00 Ametek NH% RPM Indicator
10171N01F01 Ametek Fuel Flow Indicator
10171N03F02 Ametek Fuel Flow Indicator
10174N01W01 Ametek Torque Indicator
10174N02W01 Ametek Torque Indicator
10174N03W02 Ametek Torque Indicator
10174N04W02 Ametek Torque Indicator
10175N01T00 Ametek Temperature Indicator
10176N01R00 Ametek NL% RPM Indicator
10176N02R00 Ametek NL% RPM Indicator
10177N01R00 Ametek NH% RPM Indicator
10178N01T01 Ametek Temperature Indicator
10178N02T01 Ametek Temperature Indicator
130522-1 Airesearch Cabin Pressure Control
1812-214LW Ametek Cabin Duct Temperature Indicator
1812-217LW Ametek Rudder Trim Indicator
1815-3LW Ametek Low Press Rotor Speed Indicator
1825-88LW Ametek Dual De-Icing Pressure Indicator
1825-89LW Ametek Dual Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
21140-1134-2 Aerosonic Airspeed Indicator
21140-1150 Aerosonic Airspeed Indicator
2587193-43 Honeywell Gyrosyn Compass
2593379-001 Honeywell Dual Remote Compensator
323A-2G Collins Avionics Flux Valve
328A-3G Collins Avionics Pictorial Navigation System
331A-3G Collins Avionics Pictorial Navigation System
3567749-9502 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
4002963-901 Honeywell Radio Magnetic Indicator
4016341-905 Honeywell Barometric Altitude Indicator
4029529-901 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
4349-150-80-10 Thales Aileron Trim Indicator
4350-150-80-10 Thales Aileron Trim Indicator
4428-150-80-10 Thales Flap Position Indicator
4428-150-80-11 Thales Flap Position Indicator
520-3137-317 Aeronetics Radio Magnetic Indicator
522-2638-006 Collins Avionics Course Indicator
522-2644-011 Collins Avionics Course Indicator
522-3241-00 Collins Avionics Directional Gyro
522-3241-000 Collins Avionics Directional Gyro
522456 Ametek Hydraulic Brake Pressure Indicator
522457 Ametek Dual De-Icing Pressure Indicator
522458 Ametek Dual Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
522459 Ametek Cabin Duct Temperature Indicator
522484 Ametek Rudder Trim Indicator
522486 Ametek Aileron Trim Indicator
522487 Ametek Battery Temperature Indicator
522487-1 Ametek Battery Temperature Indicator
522-4945-001 Collins Avionics Pictorial Navigation System
522778 Ametek DC Power Monitor
522790 Ametek Dual Fuel Temperature Indicator
522848 Ametek Engine Oil Pressure/Temperature Indicator
522849 Ametek Low Press Rotor Speed Indicator
522942 Ametek Flap Position Indicator
522945 Ametek Fuel Tank Temperature Indicator
523115 Ametek Rudder Trim Indicator
523188 Ametek Flap Position Indicator
523244 Ametek Dual Fuel Temperature Indicator
523281 Ametek Dual Oil Pressure & Temp Indicator
5346-220-80-10 Thales Cabin Duct Temperature Indicator
5347-700-80-10 Thales Dual Low Press Rotor Indicator
5348-200-80-10 Thales Fuel Tank Temperature Indicator
535201-1 Eaton Landing Gear Control Assembly
5427-115-80-10 Thales Dual Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
5427-116-80-10 Thales Dual De-Icing Pressure Indicator
5427-218-80-10 Thales Dual Fuel Temperature Indicator
5427-361-80-10 Thales Dual Engine Oil Press Temp Indicator
5428-150-80-10 Thales Hydraulic Brake Pressure Indicator
602T Electro-Voice Microphone
60-3844-1 Honeywell Emergency Battery Power Supply
60-3844-1LB Honeywell Emergency Battery Power Supply
60-3844-3 Honeywell Emergency Battery Power Supply
60-3844-3LB Honeywell Emergency Battery Power Supply
620359 Honeywell Compensator
621396211 Thales Standby Compass
621396221 Thales Standby Compass
621396231 Thales Standby Compass
622-4563-001 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
622-6137-001 Collins Avionics Navigation Receiver
622-6152-001 Collins Avionics VHF COMM Transceiver
64040-800-1 Thales Airspeed Indicator
64131-560-1 Thales Altimeter
64131-760-1 Thales Altimeter
6700-300-80-10 Thales AC Power Monitor
6700-400-80-10 Thales DC Power Monitor
6700-400-80-11 Thales DC Power Monitor
6800-100-80-10 Thales Battery Temperature Indicator
7000622-901 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
7000836-913 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7001179-901 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
7001179-951 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
7001182-909 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7001182-913 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7001840-912 Honeywell Radio Altimeter R/T
7001840-918 Honeywell Radio Altimeter R/T
70-0253-7 Honeywell Control Unit, Advisory Lights
7004577-903 Honeywell Altitude Preselect Control and Display
7010133 Honeywell Flux Valve
73910193-001 de Havilland Digital Clock
8047/10DH Ultra Electronics Flighline Systems Altimeter
811B-24 Davtron Digital Clock
8602-8 Ametek Battery Temperature Indicator
8604-4 Ametek DC Power Monitor
8604-5 Ametek AC Power Monitor
8SC0055 de Havilland Temperature Indicator
8SC0057 de Havilland Fuel Flow Indicator
8SC0109 de Havilland Airspeed Indicator
8SC0325 de Havilland Temperature Indicator
8SC0326 de Havilland Dual Oil Pressure & Temp Indicator
AD-500C Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
AD-550C Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
BA-141 Honeywell Barometric Altitude Indicator
C-14A Honeywell Gyrosyn Compass
C16197AA Thales Altimeter
C16268AB Thales Rudder Trim Indicator
C16269AB Thales Rudder Trim Indicator
C-5C Ametek Standby Compass
CS-412 Honeywell Compensator
H321AAM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ABM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ACM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AFM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AGM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AKM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ALM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ALM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AMM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ANM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AQM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ASM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AYM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321AZM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BAM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BDM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BEM2 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BFM2 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BGM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BHM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BKM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BNM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BTM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BVM1 Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321BWM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321CBM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321CCM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321CEM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321CJM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321CMM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321CZM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321DAM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321DBM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321DQM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321EAM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321EEM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321EFM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321EGM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321EHM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321ERM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321FAM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321FBM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321FCM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
H321FDM Thales Gyroscopic Horizon
RD-500A Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RH-445 Honeywell Radio Magnetic Indicator
RT-300 Honeywell Radio Altimeter R/T
S1818502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1819502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1820502-01 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1820502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1820502-04 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1820513-02 Kannad Remote Control
S1820513-03 Kannad Remote Control
S1820513-05 Kannad Remote Control
S1820513-07 Kannad Remote Control
S1820513-18 Kannad Remote Control
S1820514-14 Kannad Water Switch
S1820515-06 Kannad Buzzer Assembly
S1821502-01 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1821502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1821502-06 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1822502-01 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1822502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1823502-01 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1823502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1823502-03 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1823502-05 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1824502-01 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1824502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
S1825501-02 Kannad CS144 Interface Module
S1826502-02 Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter
SEDL-OC2P Ametek Engine Torque Indicator
SEDL-OC2S Ametek Engine Torque Indicator
SEDL-OC2Y Ametek Torque Indicator
SEL-OC19DW Ametek Temperature Indicator
SEL-OC19EK Ametek Temperature Indicator
SEL-OC29DA Ametek NH % RPM Indicator
SEL-OC29DF Ametek Prop RPM Indicator
SEL-OC29DJ Ametek NL% RPM Indicator
SEL-OC2N Ametek Torque Indicator
SEL-OC8G Ametek Fuel Flow Indicator
SEL-OC8J Ametek Fuel Flow Indicator
SETL-OC420F Ametek Cabin Pressurization Indicator
SRDL-OC12F Ametek Dual Hydraulic Qty Indicator
VG-14A Honeywell Vertical Gyro
VIL-OC7D Ametek Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
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