de Havilland DCH-7 Capabilities

de Havilland DCH-7

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the de Havilland DCH-7. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
13TX-0115-A Astro Instruments Surface Position Transmitter
18-2100-3 Courter/Honeywell Oil Pressure Indicator
201140-09211 Aerosonic Overspeed Warning Switch
245010 A & M Instrument AC Load Indicator
245020 A & M Instrument AC Volt Indicator
245030 A & M Instrument DC Volt Indicator
2587193-43 Honeywell Directional Gyro
2591411-906 Honeywell Attitude Direction Indicator
2591411-910 Honeywell Attitude Direction Indicator
2592920-445 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
2593379-001 Honeywell Compensator
2593379-1 Honeywell Compensator
2594484 Honeywell Flux Valve
31007-A5 Bendix/Honeywell Overspeed Warning Switch
393008-053 Simmonds/Goodrich Fuel Quantity Indicator
4001808-901 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
4002963-901 Honeywell Radio Magnetic Indicator
4014267-903 Honeywell Radio Altitude Indicator
4018368-906 Honeywell Mode Selector
4018639-903 Honeywell Autopilot Controller
4029529-901 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
521389 Ametek/Weston Temperature Indicator
521677 Ametek/Weston Aileron Trim Position Indicator
521679 Ametek/Weston Rudder Trim Position Indicator
5550-8340N1L General Design Turn & Slip Indicator
7000622-901 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
7000836-913 Honeywell Attitude Direction Indicator
7001179-901 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
7SC0055 De Havilland Fuel Quantity Indicator
7SC0072 De Havilland Temperature Indicator
7SC0073 De Havilland AC Load Indicator
7SC0074 De Havilland AC Volt Indicator
7SC0075 De Havilland DC Volt Indicator
7SC0077 De Havilland Vertical Speed Indicator
7SC0082 De Havilland Turn & Slip Indicator
7SC0083 De Havilland Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
7SC0091 De Havilland Overspeed Warning Switch
7SC0094 De Havilland Standby Compass
7SC0102 De Havilland Cabin Alt & Diff'l Pressure Indicator
7SC0230 De Havilland Oil Pressure Indicator
7SC0231 De Havilland Temperature Indicator
7SC0233 De Havilland Engine Torque Indicator
7SC0234 De Havilland Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
7SC0236 De Havilland Fuel Flow Indicator
7SC0240 De Havilland Aileron Trim Position Indicator
7SC0241 De Havilland Rudder Trim Position Indicator
7SC0247 De Havilland Engine Torque Electronics Unit
7SC0284 De Havilland Surface Position Transmitter
7SC0361 De Havilland Digital Clock
7SC0365 De Havilland Standby Altimeter
8047/10DH Ultra Electronics Flighline Systems Standby Altimeter
8047/20DH Ultra Electronics Flighline Systems Standby Altimeter
811B-24 Davtron Digital Clock
8DJ163LYM4 Ametek/G.E. Temperature Indicator
8DJ181LWD2 Ametek/G.E. Engine Torque Indicator
8KE91AAB2 Ametek/G.E. Engine Torque Electronics Unit
AD-500C Honeywell Attitude Direction Indicator
AW2835AG01 Ametek/U.S. Gauge Cabin Alt & Diff'l Pressure Indicator
C-5C Ametek/U.S. Gauge Standby Compass
CS-412 Honeywell Compensator
DRC-1 Honeywell Compensator
DSF1291-6 Consolidated Fuel Flow Indicator
FX-220 Honeywell Flux Valve
HZ-444 Honeywell Attitude Direction Indicator
MS-500 Honeywell Mode Selector
PC-500 Honeywell Autopilot Controller
RA-215 Honeywell Radio Altitude Indicator
RD-444 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-445 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-500A Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-550A Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
SLZ9464A-1 Teledyne Avionics Vertical Speed Indicator
VIL-OC7D Ametek/U.S. Gauge Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
WL/303RC/MS/1 Smiths/G.E. Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
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