McDonnell-Douglas DC-6 Capabilities

McDonnell-Douglas DC-6

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the McDonnell-Douglas DC-6. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
114657 Weston Cylinder Head Temp Indicator
20000-53C-14-A2 Bendix B.M.E.P. Indicator
20003-53E-14-A2 Bendix B.M.E.P. Indicator
21000-4B-13-A1 Bendix Oil Pressure Indicator
21000-5A-13-A1 Bendix Fuel Pressure Indicator
21000-5W-20-A1 Bendix Water Pressure Indicator
21100-30C-A1 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
22001-2-C1 Bendix Oil Pressure Transmitter
22005-4-A1-1 Bendix Fuel/Water Pressure Transmitter
22010-4-A-1 Bendix Water Pressure Transmitter
254BK-13-046 Kollsman Supercharger Airflow Indicator
3135-16E-200 Bendix Fuel Press Warning Switch
31854-12A Ranco Manifold Pressure Indicator
33205 Edison Carburetor Air Temp Indicator
33350 Edison Carburetor Air Temp Indicator
76B4 Lewis Engineering Cylinder Head Temp Indicator
77B203A Lewis Engineering Cylinder Head Temp Indicator
77B7 Lewis Engineering Carburetor Air Temp Indicator
8DJ19AAB AMETEK/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
9061-11A Bendix Fuel Flow Transmitter
AN 5791T-1 Weston Outside Air Temp Indicator
AW 2 3/4-34-GF-3 AMETEK/U.S. Gauge Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
AW1814AC01 AMETEK/U.S. Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
EA148AN-46l Liquidometer Water Quantity Indicator
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