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Part Number
Model Number
622-6524-001 IND-42A DME Indicator
622-6524-002 IND-42A DME Indicator
622-6524-003 IND-42A DME Indicator
622-6524-004 IND-42A DME Indicator
622-7318-001 IND-42C DME Indicator
622-7318-002 IND-42C DME Indicator
622-7318-003 IND-42C DME Indicator
622-7319-004 IND-42C DME Indicator
622-9976-001- IND-42M DME Indicator
622-9976-002 IND-42M DME Indicator
622-9976-003 IND-42M DME Indicator
622-9976-004 IND-42M DME Indicator
622-6263-001 DME-42 DME Transceiver
622-6263-003 DME-42 DME Transceiver
622-1270-001 TDR-90 ATC Transponder
622-6389-001 VHF-21A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6389-002 VHF-21A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6389-011 VHF-21A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6389-012 VHF-21A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6390-001 VHF-21B VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6390-002 VHF-21B VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6152-001 VHF-22A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6152-002 VHF-22A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6152-011 VHF-22A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6152-012 VHF-22A VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6153-001 VHF-22B VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6153-002 VHF-22B VHF Comm Transceiver
622-6137-001 VIR-32 NAV Receiver
822-0400-001 VIR-33 NAV Receiver
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