Cessna Citation Capabilities

Cessna Citation

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Cessna Citation. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
066-01048-0002 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
066-01069-0014 Bendix/King DME Indicator
066-03031-0002 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
066-03034-0022 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
066-03034-0024 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
066-03046-0011 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
066-03060-0003 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic indicator
066-1048-02 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
066-1069-14 Bendix/King DME Indicator
066-3031-02 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
066-3034-22 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
066-3034-24 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
066-3046-11 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
066-3060-03 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic indicator
071-01052-0000 Bendix/King Flux Detector
071-01076-0000 Bendix/King R.M.I. Converter
071-01242-0007 Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
071-1052-00 Bendix/King Flux Detector
071-1076-00 Bendix/King R.M.I. Converter
071-1242-07 Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
09007-0166 Aerosonic Gyro Pressure Indicator
10450-11110 Aerosonic Altimeter / in Hg
10450-11139 Aerosonic Altimeter / mb
10460-11110 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
10460-11139 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
10460-11880 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
10460-11884 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
10460-11938 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
115.179-5 Rogerson/Kratos Ammeter
115.180 Rogerson/Kratos Voltmeter
1229-1 Avtech Battery Temperature Indicator
1234T100-3ATZ Mid-Continent/E.G.C. Turn & Bank Indicator
124.1094-3 Rogerson/Kratos Ammeter
1485-1 Avtech Battery Temperature Monitor
1505-1 Avtech Dimming Inverter
1529-1 Avtech Battery Temperature Monitor
153LA30 Lewis Engineering Ammeter
153LA30B Lewis Engineering Ammeter
153LV30 Lewis Engineering Voltmeter
15790-903 Kollsman/I.D.C. Servoed Altimeter
162BL507A Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Gauge
162BL507D Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Gauge
162BL507G Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Gauge
162LV609 Lewis Engineering Voltmeter
1821-1 Avtech Dimming Inverter
1925756-2 Bendix Attitude Director Indicator
1925757-2 Bendix Horizontal Situation Indicator
1964391-1 Bendix Directional Gyro
1978121-1 Bendix Vertical Gyro
1U149-002 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
1U149-002-2 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
1U149-002-3 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
20240-11275 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-11323 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-11328 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-11356 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-11368 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-11371 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-1148 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
20240-1189 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
22A623 Globe Industries Tachometer Generator
23-501-010 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
23989-311 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altitude Alerter
24929-013 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
2501538-2 Honeywell/Sperry Tachometer Indicator
2553379-002 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
2553379-2 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
2587193-43 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
2592920-901 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Altimeter Indicator
2593379-001 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
2593379-1 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
2594484 Honeywell/Sperry Flux Detector
28007-209 Kollsman/I.D.C. Encoding Altimeter
3000-0103 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
3000-0104 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
3001-0101 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
3001-J.14 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
3001-J.2 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
3001-J.50 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
3001-J.57 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
3001-J.73 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
3003-J.17 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
3003J-8 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
30260-1117 Aerosonic Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
30660-1117 Aerosonic Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
323A-2G Collins Avionics Flux Detector
323A-3G Collins Avionics Flux Detector
328A-3G Collins Avionics Slaving Amplifier
331A-3G Collins Avionics Course Indicator
332C-10 Collins Avionics Radio Magnetic indicator
332D-11A Collins Avionics Vertical Gyro
332E 4 Collins Avionics Directional Gyro
339H-3 Collins Avionics Radar Altimeter
339H-4 Collins Avionics Radar Altimeter
35060-1128 Aerosonic Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
3581320-0001 Bendix Oil Temperature Indicator
3581320-1001 Bendix Oil Pressure Indicator
3581320-2001 Bendix Fuel Quantity Indicator
3581400-0001 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
3581470-0001 Bendix Fan Speed Indicator
3581470-0005 Bendix Fan Speed Indicator
3581470-1001 Bendix Turbine Speed Indicator
3581480-1001 Bendix I.T.T. Indicator
36950-322 Kollsman/I.D.C. Standby Pneumatic Airspeed Indicator
37060-1113 Aerosonic Climb Indicator
37230-001 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
37230-002 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
37230-007 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
37277-1560 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
37277-525 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
37277-550 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
37277-560 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
393002-007 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
393002-009 Simmonds Precision Fuel Flow Indicator
40-0100-1 Grimes Aerospace Anti-Collision Light
40-0100-11 Grimes Aerospace Anti-Collision Light
4001808-901 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
4014267-903 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Altimeter Indicator
4016341-905 Honeywell/Sperry Servoed Altimeter
4020547-901 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
4020547-906 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
4020547-908 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
4020553-901 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
4020570-903 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
4020570-905 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
4020576-901 Honeywell/Sperry Rate Gyro
4020577-3 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
40-480-0101 Aerosonic Oxygen Pressure Indicator
40-480-0105 Aerosonic Gyro Pressure Indicator
41707-J2001 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
43932-013 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
472015 Simmonds Precision Flowmeter
472016 Simmonds Precision Fuel Flow Compensator
472017 Simmonds Precision I.T.T. Indicator
472018 Simmonds Precision Turbine Speed Indicator
472019 Simmonds Precision Fan Speed Indicator
472019-002 Simmonds Precision Fan Speed Indicator
472020 Simmonds Precision Oil Temperature Indicator
472021 Simmonds Precision Oil Pressure Indicator
5000F-1 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
5000F-10 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
5000F-11 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
5000F-5 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
504-0041-901 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
504-0041-902 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
504-0046-901 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
510-31A J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
510-31B J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
510-36A J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
518-28007-209 Kollsman/I.D.C. Encoding Altimeter
520-15790-903 Kollsman/I.D.C. Servoed Altimeter
520-3150-002 Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
520-3150-003 Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
521299 Ametek/Weston Battery Temperature Indicator
522-2638-008 Collins Avionics Course Indicator
522-2643-00 Collins Avionics Flux Detector
522-2644-011 Collins Avionics Slaving Amplifier
522-3241-00 Collins Avionics Directional Gyro
522-3241-000 Collins Avionics Directional Gyro
522-4945-001 Collins Avionics Flux Detector
522-4945-001 Collins Avionics Flux Detector
530-36950-322 Kollsman/I.D.C. Standby Pneumatic Airspeed Indicator
540-23989-311 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altitude Alerter
5560N1 Mid-Continent/General Design Turn & Bank Indicator
563-038 Hickok A.W.I. Quantity Indicator
563-277 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
570-24929-013 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
570-43932-013 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
575-37230-001 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
575-37230-002 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
575-37230-007 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
575-37277-525 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
575-37277-550 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
575-37277-560 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
60-1755-1 Grimes Aerospace Strobe Power Supply
60-1755-5 Grimes Aerospace Strobe Power Supply
60-2799-1 Grimes Aerospace Strobe Power Supply
622-0171-002 Collins Avionics Radar Altimeter
622-0555-008 Collins Avionics Radio Magnetic indicator
622-1204-002 Collins Avionics Radar Altimeter
622-1204-007 Collins Avionics Radar Altimeter
622-1233-001 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
622-1270-001 Collins Avionics ATC Transponder
622-1879-001 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
622-1879-002 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
622-4938-004 Collins Avionics Radio Magnetic indicator
622-6152-001 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
622-6152-011 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
622-6263-001 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
622-6263-003 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
622-6520-005 Collins Avionics Control
622-6521-013 Collins Avionics Control
622-6522-005 Collins Avionics Control
622-6523-005 Collins Avionics Control
622-6524-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
622-6590-001 Collins Avionics Control Adapter
622-7318-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
7000469-905 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
7000469-909 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
7000469-911 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
7000622-901 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
7000622-901 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
7000839-903 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Altimeter Indicator
7002493-903 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Altimeter Indicator
7002860-902 Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
7005358-902 Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
7007453-903 Honeywell/Sperry Rate Gyro
7008042-2 Honeywell/Sperry Tachometer Indicator
7018341-801 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
7018341-901 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
7018341-903 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
7018341-905 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
7018341-907 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
730-012 Hickok Voltmeter
730-013 Hickok Ammeter
730-014 Hickok Ammeter
792-6694-001 Collins Avionics Vertical Gyro
820-626 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
820-673 Hickok Flaps, Speed Brake, Spoiler Position Indicator
8500-B.587 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
86000-1143 Aerosonic Clock
966127-0902 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
9910353-1 Avtech Battery Temperature Monitor
9910368-2 Grimes Aerospace Strobe Power Supply
9912031-2 Simmonds Precision Flowmeter
9912031-3 Simmonds Precision Fuel Flow Compensator
9912034-1 Globe Industries Tachometer Generator
9912049-1 Bendix Oil Temperature Indicator
9912049-1 Simmonds Precision Oil Temperature Indicator
9912049-2 Bendix Fuel Flow Indicator
9912049-2 Simmonds Precision Fuel Flow Indicator
9912049-3 Bendix Oil Pressure Indicator
9912049-3 Simmonds Precision Oil Pressure Indicator
9912049-4 Bendix I.T.T. Indicator
9912049-4 Simmonds Precision I.T.T. Indicator
9912049-5 Bendix Fan Speed Indicator
9912049-5 Simmonds Precision Fan Speed Indicator
9912049-6 Bendix Turbine Speed Indicator
9912049-6 Simmonds Precision Turbine Speed Indicator
9912049-7 Bendix Fuel Quantity Indicator
9912049-7 Simmonds Precision Fuel Quantity Indicator
9912049-8 Bendix Fan Speed Indicator
9912049-8 Simmonds Precision Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-1 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Temperature Indicator
9912147-10 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
9912147-11 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Temperature Indicator
9912147-12 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
9912147-13 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-15 Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
9912147-16 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
9912147-17 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
9912147-18 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-2 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
9912147-20 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-21 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9912147-22 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
9912147-23 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-24 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-25 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9912147-26 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
9912147-27 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-28 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9912147-3 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
9912147-30 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
9912147-31 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Temperature Indicator
9912147-34 Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
9912147-35 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-36 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9912147-4 Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
9912147-5 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-6 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9912147-7 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
9912147-8 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9912147-9 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9912446-1 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9912446-2 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9912446-3 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9912446-4 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9914059-1 Aerosonic Climb Indicator
9914060-1 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
9914062-1 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9914062-2 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9914062-3 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
9914062-3 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
9914065-2 Hickok Voltmeter
9914065-4 Hickok Ammeter
9914065-5 Hickok Ammeter
9914090-2 Rogerson/Kratos Voltmeter
9914090-4 Rogerson/Kratos Ammeter
9914090-6 Rogerson/Kratos Ammeter
9914095-1 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Temperature Indicator
9914095-10 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Temperature Indicator
9914095-11 Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
9914095-12 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9914095-19 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9914095-2 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
9914095-28 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9914095-3 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
9914095-4 Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
9914095-5 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
9914095-7 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
9914095-8 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
9914095-9 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Totalizer
9914187-2 Hickok Flap Position Indicator
9914187-3 Hickok Flaps, Speed Brake, Spoiler Position Indicator
9914189-1 Lewis Engineering Voltmeter
9914190-1 Hickok A.W.I. Quantity Indicator
9914190-2 Hickok Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
9914254-1 Marathon Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
9914548-1 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
9914549-1 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altimeter
AD-600 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
AD-600A Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Director Indicator
AG-34 Globe Industries Tachometer Generator
AW2837AB01 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Airspeed Indicator
AW2837AB05 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Airspeed Indicator
AW2837AC01 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Airspeed Indicator
AW2837AC02 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Airspeed Indicator
AW2837AC03 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Airspeed Indicator
AW2837AC07 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Airspeed Indicator
BA-141 Honeywell/Sperry Servoed Altimeter
C-14A Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
C-14D Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
C2400L4V2W5B Airpath Compass
C660501-0301 Airpath Compass
C661004-0101 Mid-Continent/E.G.C. Turn & Bank Indicator
C661004-0101 Mid-Continent/General Design Turn & Bank Indicator
C661006-0101 Aerosonic Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
C661006-0101 Teledyne Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
C661006-0201 Aerosonic Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
C661056-0101 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
C661056-0101 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
C661056-0202 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
C661056-0203 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro
C661062-0101 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661062-0101 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0101 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0102 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0103 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0103 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0104 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0105 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0106 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0106 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0107 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0111 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0112 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661063-0113 Aerosonic Mach Airspeed Indicator
C661072-0101 Aerosonic Altimeter / in Hg
C661072-0102 Aerosonic Altimeter / mb
C661072-0201 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
C661072-0202 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
C662501-0102 Lewis Engineering Ammeter
C662501-0103 Lewis Engineering Ammeter
C662502-0101 Lewis Engineering Voltmeter
C664510-0102 Aerosonic Clock
C668510-0301 Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Gauge
C668510-0401 Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Gauge
C668510-0501 Lewis Engineering O.A.T. Gauge
C668511-0101 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
C668511-0102 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
C668511-0103 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
C668511-0104 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
C668511-0106 United Instruments Pressure Indicator
C668512-0101 Aerosonic Oxygen Pressure Indicator
C668512-0201 Aerosonic Gyro Pressure Indicator
C668513-0101 Aerosonic Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
C668515-0101 Aerosonic Gyro Pressure Indicator
C668516-0103 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
C668516-0104 United Instruments Cabin Altitude & Differential Pressure Indicator
CAD-62 Collins Avionics Control Adapter
CS-412 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
CTL-22 Collins Avionics Control
CTL-32 Collins Avionics Control
CTL-62 Collins Avionics Control
CTL-92 Collins Avionics Control
DDL-OC110A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DDL-OC110B Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DDL-OC110D Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DDL-OC119C Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Temperature Indicator
DG-OC110A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DG-OC110C Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DG-OC110D Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DG-OC110F Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
DL-OC103A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Temperature Indicator
DME-40 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
DME-42 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
DRC-1 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
FX-220 Honeywell/Sperry Flux Detector
HSI-315A Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
IND-42A Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IND-42C Collins Avionics DME Indicator
J-8 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
KA-51B Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
KDA-697 Bendix/King R.M.I. Converter
KDI-574 Bendix/King DME Indicator
KI-204 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
KI-206 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
KI-525A Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
KMT-112 Bendix/King Flux Detector
KNI-415 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
KNI-582 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic indicator
KRA-405 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
MS-205 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
MS-650 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
RA-315 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Altimeter Indicator
RD-44 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-450 Honeywell/Sperry Radio Altimeter Indicator
RD-600 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-650 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
RG-203 Honeywell/Sperry Rate Gyro
RG-204 Honeywell/Sperry Rate Gyro
RMI-30 Collins Avionics Radio Magnetic indicator
S3100-2 Bendix/King Radar Altimeter
S3100-20 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
S3100-21 J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
S3100-36 Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
S3100-38 Honeywell/Sperry Mode Selector
S3100-39 Marathon Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
S3100-59 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
SI-225 Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
SI-225A Honeywell/Sperry Mach Airspeed Indicator
SLZ9620 Teledyne Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
TDR-90 Collins Avionics ATC Transponder
VG-14 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
VG-14A Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
VHF-20 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
VHF-20A Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
VHF-22A Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
VIR-32 Collins Avionics NAV RCVR
VSDL-OC203C Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
VSDL-OC204D Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
VSDL-OC204G Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
VSDL-OC204H Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
VSDL-OC204N Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator
VSDL-OC208B Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
VSDL-OC208D Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
VSDL-OC208F Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
VSDL-OC219A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Temperature Indicator
VSDL-OC219D Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Temperature Indicator
VSDL-OC219F Ametek/U.S.Gauge Oil Temperature Indicator
VSDL-OC403D Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
VSDL-OC403F-1 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
VSDL-OC408A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
VSDL-OC408F Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Flow Indicator
VSDL-OC410A Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410A-1 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410AB Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410AD Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410AE Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410AF Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410H Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410K Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410K-1 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410K-2 Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410P Ametek/U.S.Gauge Turbine Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410R Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC410T Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fan Speed Indicator
VSDL-OC419F Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
VSDL-OC419G Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
VSDL-OC419H Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
VSDL-OC419L Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
VSDL-OC419M Ametek/U.S.Gauge I.T.T. Indicator
VSTL-OC403B Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Quantity Indicator
VSTL-OC403C Ametek/U.S.Gauge Fuel Totalizer
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