Eurocopter Capabilities

American Eurocopter BK117

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the American Eurocopter BK117. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
066-03021-0000 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-03024-0047 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
066-03034-0000 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
066-03034-0002 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
066-03034-0012 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
066-03038-0000 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-03045-0050 Bendix/King Horizontal Situation Indicator
066-03060-0000 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-03064-0001 Bendix/King Altimeter - Encoder
066-3021-00 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-3024-47 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
066-3034-00 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
066-3034-02 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
066-3034-12 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
066-3038-00 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-3045-50 Bendix/King Horizontal Situation Indicator
066-3060-00 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
066-3064-01 Bendix/King Altimeter - Encoder
102220-11886 Aerosonic Altimeter - Encoder
10420-11968E Aerosonic Altimeter - Encoder
117-94032-01 Insco Tachometer Indicator
117-94034 Various Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
117-94034-01 Various Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
117-94034-03 Various Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
117-94034-05 Various Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
117-94034-07 Various Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
117-94040-01 Various Dual DC Ammeter
117-94042-01 Insco Airspeed Indicator
117-94042-03 Insco Airspeed Indiccator
117-94051-05 Kratos T.O.T. Indicator
117-94051-07 Kratos T.O.T. Indicator
117-94059-01 Various Dual DC Ammeter
117-94059-03 Various Dual DC Ammeter
117-94059-05 Various Dual DC Ammeter
117-94059-07 Various Dual DC Ammeter
117-94053-03 Insco Triple Tachometer Indicator
117-94056-01 Insco Tachometer Indicator
117-94056-03 Insco Tachometer Indicator
117-94058-07 Various Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
117-94062-01 Various Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
117-94069-03 Various Torque Indicator
115.201-5 Various Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
124.498 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-1 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-2 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-3 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-4 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-5 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-6 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.498-7 Kratos Dual Oil Temperature / Pressure Indicator
124.499-4 Kratos T.O.T. Indicator
124.499-5 Kratos T.O.T. Indicator
124.507 Kratos DC Ammeter
124.507-1 Kratos DC Ammeter
124.507-2 Kratos DC Ammeter
124.507-3 Kratos DC Ammeter
124.507-4 Kratos DC Ammeter
124.507-5 Kratos DC Ammeter
2592920-444 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
2594484 Honeywell/Sperry Flux Valve
3080-2012 Insco Torque Indicator
322-903-001 Gull Torque Indicator
34670-602 Kollsman/I.D.C. Rate of Climb Indicator
4020577-3 Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
4021541-671 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Indicator
4021541-771 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Indicator
4021541-791 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Indicator
5035P2-P42 United Altimeter
504-0017-926 J.E.T./A.I.M. Artificial Horizon
510-1G J.E.T./A.I.M. Artificial Horizon
520-8131-004 Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
520-8131-104 Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
550-34670-602 Kollsman/I.D.C. Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
5802-3045 Insco Airspeed Indicator
5802-3060 Insco Airspeed Indicator
6503A-3045 Insco Tachometer Indicator
6505A-3053 Insco Triple Tachometer Indicator
6503A-3085 Insco Tachometer Indicator
6503A-3101 Insco Tachometer Indicator
6601-3009 Insco Rate of Climb Indicator
7000788-135 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Indicator
7002353-913 Honeywell/Sperry Air Data Sensor
7002493-902 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
7160C43C United Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
7160C130 United Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
7160C134 United Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
800(SERIES) Davtron Digital Clock
811(SERIES) Davtron Digital Clock
877(SERIES) Davtron Digital Clock
AZ-649 Honeywell/Sperry Air Data Sensor
B17(SERIES) Thommen Clock
B45451-10-001 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45451-10-002 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45451-10-011 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45451-10-101 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45501-10-001 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45501-10-002 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45501-10-101 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45501-10-102 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45521-10-001 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45521-10-002 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45521-10-101 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45521-10-102 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45531-10-001 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45531-10-002 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45531-10-004 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45531-10-101 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45531-10-102 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
B45531-10-104 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C-14D Honeywell/Sperry Directional Gyro
C45501-10-001 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45501-10-002 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45501-10-101 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45501-10-102 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45521-10-001 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45521-10-002 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45521-10-101 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
C45521-10-102 Kollsman Altimeter - Encoder
DT501-6 VDO Dual Torquemeter Indicator
FX-220 Honeywell/Sperry Flux Valve
GH-14 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Indicator
GH-206 Honeywell/Sperry Attitude Indicator
IN-8131 Aeronetics Horizontal Situation Indicator
KCA-0105W S.I.R.S. Magnetic Compass
KI-203 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
KI-204 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
KI-206 Bendix/King Navigation Indicator
KI-226 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
KI-229 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
KNI-582 Bendix/King Radio Magnetic Indicator
KPI-552 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
KPI-553A Bendix/King Horizontal Situation Indicator
PC 250 Marathon/Flite-Tronics Inverter
RD-444 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-450 Honeywell/Sperry Horizontal Situation Indicator
TE-71-1B T.K.K. Turn & Bank Indicator
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