Beechcraft Beechjet 400a Capabilities

Beechcraft Beechjet 400a

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Beechcraft Beechjet 400a. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
10293N01Y00 Ametek Fuel Quantity Indicator
10450-11525 Aerosonic Barometric Altimeter
122-382015-11 Beechcraft Attitude Indicator
122-382015-7 Beechcraft Attitude Indicator
122-382142-3 Beechcraft Standby Altimeter
124.609-7 Kratos Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
128-380023-1 Beechcraft Max Allowable Airspeed Indicator
128-384028-1 Beechcraft Fan RPM Indicator
128-384028-3 Beechcraft Turbine RPM Indicator
128-384031-3 Beechcraft Fuel Quantity Indicator
128-384047-5 Beechcraft I.T.T. Indicator
162LC601A Lewis Ram Air Temperature Indicator
2587193-43 Honeywell Gyrosyn Compass
2593379-001 Honeywell Dual Remote Compensator
2594484 Honeywell Flux Valve
3137LB6-1C Aeronetics Radio Magnetic Indicator
35060-1164 Aerosonic Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
37277-2105 Kollsman/IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator
37277-6139 Kollsman/IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator
37277-D2663 Kollsman/IDC Max Allowable Airspeed Indicator
397-02844 Edison Oil Press/Temp Indicator
397-04844 Edison Oil Temp/Press Indicator
4008515 Honeywell Air Speed Sensor
4016341-906 Honeywell Barometric Servoed Altimeter
4018285-906 Honeywell Altitude Alert Controller
4018368-917 Honeywell Mode Selector
4020571-905 Honeywell VNAV Computer Controller
4026206-909 Honeywell Instrument Remote Controller
4027170-904 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
4031609-903 Honeywell SAT/TAS Indicator
45AS86114-1 Kollsman/IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator
45AS86803-7 Weston Dual Vibration Indicator
45AS86825-7 Edison Oil Press/Temp Indicator
45AS86825-9 Edison Oil Temp/Press Indicator
45AS86832-3 Aerosonic Cabin Pressure Indicator
45AS86856-1 Kollsman/IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator
45AS86856-5 Kollsman/IDC Max Allowable Airspeed Indicator
501-1197-07 J.E.T. Standby Attitude Indicator
501-1228-04 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
501-1228-06 J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
501-1412-03 J.E.T. Attitude Indicator
504-0019-908 J.E.T. Attitude Gyro
522033 Weston Dual Vibration Indicator
522519 Weston Dual Vibration Indicator
523258 Weston Fan RPM Indicator
523259 Weston Turbine RPM Indicator
55035-1153 Aerosonic Cabin Pressure Indicator
575-37277-2105 Kollsman/IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator
575-37277-6139 Kollsman/IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator
575-37277-D2663 Kollsman/IDC Max Allowable Airspeed Indicator
622-0876-001 Collins VHF RCVR
622-1270-001 Collins ATC Transponder
622-2362-001 Collins ADF RCVR
622-2855-001 Collins Radio Alt. XCVR
622-2855-002 Collins Radio Alt. XCVR
622-4160-017 Collins Radio Altimeter Indicator
622-5812-001 Collins Flux Detector Unit
622-6263-001 Collins DME XCVR
622-6263-003 Collins DME XCVR
622-6524-003 Collins DME Indicator
622-7309-101 Collins DME XCVR
622-7382-001 Collins ADF RCVR
7000035 A.I.C. Rudder Trim Position Indicator
7000466-902 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7000469-902 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
7000836-902 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7001179-954 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
7001182-902 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
7002493-902 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
7002638-903 Honeywell TAS Temperature Indicator
7007453-903 Honeywell Rate Gyro
720-303 Hickok Rudder Trim Position Indicator
8047-700-3 Horizon Standby Altimeter
811B Davtron Clock
8502-900-1 Horizon Max Allowable Airspeed Indicator
9053-3005 Insco Fuel Temperature Indicator
9053-3023 Insco Fuel Temperature Indicator
AD-500A Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
AD-550A Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
AD-650A Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
ADF-462 Collins ADF RCVR
ADF-60A Collins ADF RCVR
AI-804T J.E.T. Standby Attitude Indicator
AL-285 Honeywell Altitude Alert Controller
ALT-55B Collins Radio Alt. XCVR
AS-215 Honeywell Air Speed Sensor
AT208-1 Foxboro Fuel Totalizer
BA-141 Honeywell Barometric Servoed Altimeter
BTI600-102A1 Tramm Battery Temperature Indicator
BTI600-102A1S2 Tramm Battery Temperature Indicator
C-14A Honeywell Gyrosyn Compass
CB2100T6D Airpath Magnetic Compass
CS-412 Honeywell Dual Remote Compensator
DME-42 Collins DME XCVR
DME-442 Collins DME XCVR
DRI-55 Collins Radio Altimeter Indicator
DS-125 Honeywell SAT/TAS Indicator
FDU-70 Collins Flux Detector Unit
FX-220 Honeywell Flux Valve
IND-42A Collins DME Indicator
MS-500 Honeywell Mode Selector
PC900-3A2000PH Ketema Fuel Flow Indicator
PS-835D J.E.T. Emergency Power Supply
RD-450 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-500 Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-550A Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RD-650A Honeywell Horizontal Situation Indicator
RG-204 Honeywell Rate Gyro
RI-206 Honeywell Instrument Remote Controller
SEL-OC19BT-2 Ametek I.T.T. Indicator
TDR-90 Collins ATC Transponder
VIR-30A Collins VHF RCVR
VN-212 Honeywell VNAV Computer Controller
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