Beechcraft Baron 58 Capabilities

Beechcraft Baron 58

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Beechcraft Baron 58. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
4090817 Beechcraft Clock
101720-01562 Aerosonic Altimeter
101720-11564 Aerosonic Altimeter
102-380001-19 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380001-21 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380001-23 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380001-35 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380001-37 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380001-39 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380002-11 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380002-19 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380002-23 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380002-35 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
102-380002-39 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
11B306-1 A.I.D. Airspeed Indicator
11B306-5 A.I.D. Airspeed Indicator
15B332-1 A.I.D. Suction Gauge
16B102-1 A.I.D. V.S.I
16B102-3 A.I.D. Clock
18B331-3 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Engine Gauge
1G5-32 Airborne Suction Gauge
1U028-004-28 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Fuel Flow Gauge
1U028-0204-8 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Fuel Flow Gauge
1U028-202-4 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Manifold Pressure Gauge
1U149-001-1 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Horizon Gyro
1U236-001 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Dual Tachometer
1U236-011 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Dual Tachometer
1U262-001-11 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Directional Gyro
1U262-002-8 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Directional Gyro
1U417-001-3 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Engine Gauge
1U417-101-2 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Suction Gauge
1U417-101-4 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Engine Gauge
205-10A Alcor E.G.T. Indicator
205-10AL Alcor E.G.T. Indicator
210-5B A.I.M. Directional Gyro
22-204-02-A Garwin V.S.I
22-260-014 Garwin Manifold Pressure Gauge
22-281-01-7 Garwin Dual Tachometer
22-281-017-1 Garwin Dual Tachometer
22-284-017 Garwin Dual Tachometer
22-284-09 Garwin Dual Tachometer
22-296-03 Garwin C.H.T. Indicator
22-695-049 Garwin Airspeed Indicator
22-868-036A Garwin Fuel Flow Gauge
23-501-016 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Horizon Gyro
27B431-1 A.I.D. Manifold Pressure Gauge
29B211-5 A.I.D. C.H.T. Indicator
300-3BCF A.I.M. Horizon Gyro
4000B-10 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Directional Gyro
4000B-7 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Directional Gyro
406-19 Garwin Airspeed Indicator
5000B-10 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Horizon Gyro
5000B-5 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Horizon Gyro
50-380010-19 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
50-380010-21 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
50-380010-37 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
50-380011-17 Beechcraft Manifold Pressure Gauge
50-380013-5 Beechcraft Clock
50-380015-5 Beechcraft C.H.T. Indicator
50-384024-19 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
50-384024-49 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
50-384052-5 Beechcraft Suction Gauge
50-384073 Beechcraft V.S.I
50-384202 Beechcraft Horizon Gyro
50-384203 Beechcraft Horizon Gyro
50-384204 Beechcraft Directional Gyro
50-384205 Beechcraft Directional Gyro
504-0006-906 A.I.M. Horizon Gyro
511-4-11 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
511-4-13 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
511-4-2 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
511-4-3 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
511L-4-2 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
511L-4-3 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
58-380010-1 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
58-380010-41 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
58-380010-5 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
58-380010-7 Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator
58-380013-3 Beechcraft Horizon Gyro
58-380014-3 Beechcraft Directional Gyro
58-380015-1 Beechcraft V.S.I
58-380015-3 Beechcraft Clock
58-380018-1 Beechcraft V.S.I
58-380020-3 Beechcraft Turn Coordinator
58-380041-1 Beechcraft Altimeter
58-380041-3 Beechcraft Altimeter
58-380048-1 Beechcraft Loadmeter
58-380048-3 Beechcraft Loadmeter
58-380051-5 Beechcraft Loadmeter
58-380069-1 Beechcraft Altimeter
58-380069-3 Beechcraft Altimeter
58-380077-7 Beechcraft Clock
58-380083-1 Beechcraft Suction Gauge
58-380083-3 Beechcraft Engine Gauge
58-380084-1 Beechcraft Suction Gauge
58-380084-3 Beechcraft Engine Gauge
5934-1 United Instruments Altimeter
5934-A.66 United Instruments Altimeter
5934-A.67 United Instruments Altimeter
601-019-980 Brittain Turn Coordinator
6121-E.34 United Instruments Manifold Pressure Gauge
6122-E.2 United Instruments Manifold Pressure Gauge
6221-G.67 United Instruments Fuel Flow Gauge
6221-G.68 United Instruments Fuel Flow Gauge
6507-1008 Insco Dual Tachometer
7040-B.4L United Instruments V.S.I
8030-B.112 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
8030-B.294 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
8030-B.296 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
8030-B.389 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
8030-B.391 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
8030-B.63 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
8030-B.65 United Instruments Airspeed Indicator
95451-10 Beechcraft Clock
96-380014-1 Garwin Dual Tachometer
96-380014-11 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
96-380014-13 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
96-380014-3 Garwin Dual Tachometer
96-380015-5 Garwin Fuel Flow Gauge
96-380015-7 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Fuel Flow Gauge
96-380024 Beechcraft Fuel Pressure Gauge
96-384056-1 Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Manifold Pressure Gauge
96-384057-1 Instruments, Inc. Dual Tachometer
96-384057-11 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384057-13 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384057-15 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384057-3 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384059-1 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384059-11 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384059-13 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384059-15 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384059-3 Beechcraft Dual Tachometer
96-384069-1 Beechcraft Fuel Flow Gauge
A1155-1 Hickok Loadmeter
A1155-3 Hickok Loadmeter
A1158-5 Hickok Loadmeter
AT42201 Astrotech Clock
AT42202 Astrotech Clock
B302-49 A.I.D. Airspeed Indicator
CA-7620 Beechcraft Clock
EA5175-19L-BEC Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Airspeed Indicator
EA5176-21L-BEC Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Airspeed Indicator
EA5176-23L-BEC Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Airspeed Indicator
EA5176-35L-BEC Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Airspeed Indicator
EA5176-37L-BEC Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Airspeed Indicator
EA5176-39L-BEC Sigma-Tek/Edo-Aire Airspeed Indicator
TC100-( ) Brittain Turn Coordinator
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