ATR-42 Capabilities


Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the ATR-42. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
1826-1 Avtech D.C. Lamp Dimmer
2136-315-80-11 Sextant Ammeter Indicator
2136-430-80-11 Sextant De-Icing Monitoring Indicator
2593379-1 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
2593379-2 Honeywell/Sperry Dual Remote Compensator
2794-901-00-11 Sextant Power Generation Display Panel
2CM9AXX Series AMETEK/GE Tachometer Generator
30005-0000-XX Simmonds Precision Torque Signal Conditioner
4031609-9XX Honeywell/Sperry TAS/Temp Indicator
4679-750-80-11 Sextant Flap Position Indicator
4679-751-80-11 Sextant Flap Position Indicator
4679-752-80-10 Sextant Flap Position Indicator
4679-753-80-10 Sextant Flap Position Indicator
4679-754-80-10 Sextant Flap Position Indicator
4679-764-80-10 Sextant Flap Position Indicator
4863-501-80-11 Sextant Trim Indicator
4863-502-80-10 Sextant Trim Indicator
4863-503-80-10 Sextant Trim Indicator
4863-504-80-11 Sextant Trim Indicator
49310-31 Sextant Pressurization Indicator
501-1318-01 J.E.T. Static Converter
5018-753-00-00 Sextant Mixing Audio Amplifier
5126-220-80-11 Sextant Fuel Temp. Indicator
5126-223-80-11 Sextant Fuel Temp. Indicator
5427-404-80-10 Sextant COMPT/Duct Indicator
5677-406-80-13 Sextant Dual Oil Press/ Temp. Indicator
5677-407-80-14 Sextant Dual Oil Press/ Temp. Indicator
5677-409-80-10 Sextant Dual Oil Press/ Temp. Indicator
5677-420-80-10 Sextant Dual Oil Press/ Temp. Indicator
5677-421-80-10 Sextant Dual Oil Press/ Temp. Indicator
5677-705-80-10 Sextant NH, NL Speed Indicator
5677-750-80-12 Sextant Torque Indicator
5677-755-80-11 Sextant Torque Indicator
5677-756-80-10 Sextant Torque Indicator
5677-765-80-10 Sextant Torque Indicator
5677-766-80-10 Sextant Torque Indicator
5678-553-80-12 Sextant Turbine Temp. Indicator
5678-555-80-10 Sextant Turbine Temp. Indicator
5678-559-80-10 Sextant Turbine Temp. Indicator
5678-704-80-11 Sextant NH Indicator
5678-705-80-12 Sextant NH Indicator
5678-710-80-12 Sextant NP Indicator
5678-711-80-10 Sextant NP Indicator
5678-713-80-10 Sextant NP Indicator
5678-715-80-10 Sextant NP Indicator
5678-716-80-10 Sextant NP Indicator
64050-660-1 Sextant Airspeed Indicator
64050-661-1 Sextant Airspeed Indicator
64050-662-1 Sextant Airspeed Indicator
64050-663-1 Sextant Airspeed Indicator
64131-560-1 Sextant Counter Pointer Altimeter
64131-760-1 Sextant Counter Pointer Altimeter
656-767 Honeywell/Sperry Compensator
7002638-9XX Honeywell/Sperry TAS/Temp Indicator
748-465-4 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-465-5 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-522-1 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-522-2 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-681-1 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-681-2 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-682-1 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-682-2 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
748-722 Intertechnique Repeater Indicator
748-724 Intertechnique Repeater Indicator
749-158 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749-159 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749-160 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749-161 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749188 Intertechnique Triple Pressure Indicator
749757 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749758 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749759 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
749760 Intertechnique Fuel Quantity Indicator
8107-110-00-10 MORS Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
940605-31 Faure Herman Flow Meter Indicator
940605-32 Faure Herman Flow Meter Indicator
940605-41 Faure Herman Flow Meter Indicator
940605-42 Faure Herman Flow Meter Indicator
940-638-X Faure Herman Fuel Flow Meter Indicator
940-639-X Faure Herman Fuel Flow Meter Indicator
AI-804 J.E.T. Attitude Indicator
C14129BA Sextant Altimeter
C14130AA Sextant Altimeter
C16222AA01 Sextant Torque Indicator
PC-251 Marathon Flite-Tronics 250 VA Static Inverter
SC-841A J.E.T. Static Converter
WL1001KCA1 S.I.R.S. Standby Compass
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