Eurocopter Capabilities

American Eurocopter AS365N3

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the American Eurocopter AS365N3. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
064-01023-0000 Bendix/King VHF XCVR
064-1023-00 Bendix/King VHF XCVR
066-01066-0025 Bendix/King DME XCVR
066-01069-0000 Bendix/King DME Indicator
066-01071-0000 Bendix/King ATC Transponder
066-01077-0001 Bendix/King ADF RCVR
066-01078-0010 Bendix/King NAV RCVR
066-1066-25 Bendix/King DME XCVR
066-1069-00 Bendix/King DME Indicator
066-1071-00 Bendix/King ATC Transponder
066-1077-01 Bendix/King ADF RCVR
066-1078-10 Bendix/King NAV RCVR
071-01276-0008 Bendix/King ATC Control
071-01282-0065 Bendix/King VHF Control
071-01283-0017 Bendix/King Control
071-01284-0012 Bendix/King ADF Control
071-1276-08 Bendix/King ATC Control
071-1282-65 Bendix/King VHF Control
071-1283-17 Bendix/King Control
071-1284-12 Bendix/King ADF Control
134TS05H9V3AAA E.C.E. Annunciator Panel
134TS05H9V3AAB E.C.E. Annunciator Panel
138740-23 Astronautics Horizontal Situation Indicator
1896101 Astronautics Horizontal Situation Indicator
242005-108 Honeywell Galvanometer
332A61-5160-193 Badin-Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
37500-0841 Badin-Crouzet Altimeter
37500-2241 Badin-Crouzet Altimeter
38210-3941 Badin-Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
39600-5241 Badin-Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
418-00456-303 S.F.I.M. Autopilot Control Unit AP155D
418-00456-304 S.F.I.M. Autopilot Control Unit AP155D
44090AGM Badin-Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
454-00158-000 S.F.I.M. Vertical Gyro
455TS01Y E.C.E. Landing Gear Position Indicator
48750-01 Badin-Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
504-0030-911 J.E.T./A.I.M. Standby Horizon Gyro
557-4131-902 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
58057-85 S.F.I.M. Gyrocompass
61592-011-1 Sextant Hovering Indicator (Knots)
621396231 Altitude SA Standby Compass
622-2506-003 Collins Avionics R.M.I.
622-6137-201 Collins Avionics NAV RCVR
622-6263-003 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
622-6520-004 Collins Avionics VHF Control
622-6521-012 Collins Avionics NAV Control
622-6524-004 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
622-7293-101 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
64830-208-1 Sextant Fuel gauge (KGS)
64830-212-1 Sextant Fuel Gauge (US Gallons)
66483-209-1 Sextant Fuel Gauge (LBS)
704A41440014 E.C.E. Landing Gear Position Indicator
704A45310034 Bendix/King VHF XCVR
704A45310064 Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
704A45360072 TEAM Selector Switch
704A45361063 Chelton Electrostatics Intercom
704A45371051 Collins Avionics VHF Control
704A45720058 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
704A45730012 Bendix/King ATC Transponder
704A45731033 Bendix/King ATC Control
704A45802009 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
704A45802016 Bendix/King DME XCVR
704A45810040 Bendix/King ADF RCVR
704A45813034 Bendix/King NAV RCVR
704A45824008 Bendix/King DME Indicator
704A45824025 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
704A45824028 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
704A45840045 Bendix/King ADF Control
704A45842025 Collins Avionics NAV Control
704A45842046 Bendix/King Control
704A46860001 Sinters Failure Advisory Panel
704A47111022 Badin-Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
704A47111034 Badin-Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
704A47113089 Badin-Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
704A47116019 Sextant Hovering Indicator (Knots)
704A47133134 S.F.I.M. Coupler CDV85
704A47133156 S.F.I.M. Autopilot Computer
704A47133205 S.F.I.M. Coupler CDV85
704A47134052 S.F.I.M. Autopilot Control Unit AP155D
704A47134099 S.F.I.M. Control Unit CDV85
704A47134114 S.F.I.M. Trim Actuator Amplifier Unit (Knots)
704A47134115 S.F.I.M. Trim Actuator Amplifier Unit (Knots)
704A47134175 S.F.I.M. Autopilot Control Unit (NVG)
704A47150083 Sextant Horizon Gyro
704A47150086 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
704A47150103 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
704A47150120 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
704A47150125 J.E.T./A.I.M. Standby Horizon Gyro
704A47210027 Badin-Crouzet Altimeter
704A47270141 Sextant Multi-Function Indicator
704A47270142 Sextant Multi-Function Indicator
704A47300010 S.F.I.M. Gyrocompass
704A47313009 Altitude SA Standby Compass
704A47320020 Thommen Aircraft Clock
704A47320041 Davtron Digital Clock
704A47330050 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
704A47330089 Astronautics Horizontal Situation Indicator
704A47330100 Astronautics Horizontal Situation Indicator
704A47330101 Collins Avionics R.M.I.
704A47612083 MORS Failure Indicator
704A47612131 Sextant Tachometer Indicator
704A47612134 E.C.E.T. Delta N/G Indicator
704A47616045 Sextant NR Indicator
704A47621139 E.C.E.T. Torquemeter Indicator
704A47650074 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (KGS)
704A47650075 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (LBS)
704A47650077 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (US Gallons)
704A47650078 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (KGS)
704A47650079 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (Liters)
704A47650082 Sextant Fuel gauge (KGS)
704A47650083 Sextant Fuel Gauge (LBS)
704A47650119 Sextant Fuel Gauge (US Gallons)
704A47671031 Faure Herman Flowmeter Indicator
704A47724013 E.C.E. Annunciator Panel
710004000 S.F.I.M. Autopilot Control Unit (NVG)
716523-2 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (KGS)
716586-1 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (LBS)
716587-1 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (US Gallons)
716879 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (KGS)
744-082-3 Faure Herman Flowmeter Indicator
748538 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (Liters)
9599-607-17532 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
9603A Sinters Failure Advisory Panel
AA82060 Chelton Electrostatics Intercom
B18-945-32-28-1AG Thommen Aircraft Clock
C16158AA Sextant Multi-Function Indicator
C16158CA Sextant Multi-Function Indicator
C16159AB Sextant NR Indicator
C16287AA Sextant Tachometer Indicator
CG130 S.F.I.M. Gyrocompass
CP1976A1 TEAM Selector Switch
CTL-22 Collins Avionics VHF Control
CTL-32 Collins Avionics NAV Control
DME-42 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
GV76-1 S.F.I.M. Vertical Gyro
H140AUM2 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
H140CWM Sextant Horizon Gyro
H321ACM1 Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
H321CZM Sextant Standby Horizon Gyro
IDA0302470 E.C.E.T. Torquemeter Indicator
IDM2202481 E.C.E.T. Delta N/G Indicator
IND-40BF Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IND-42A Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IND-821A Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
IVA557 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
KDF806 Bendix/King ADF RCVR
KDI572 Bendix/King DME Indicator
KDM706A Bendix/King DME XCVR
KFS598 Bendix/King VHF Control
KNR634 Bendix/King NAV RCVR
KTR908 Bendix/King VHF XCVR
KXP756 Bendix/King ATC Transponder
M880A Davtron Digital Clock
RMI-36 Collins Avionics R.M.I.
TB31 TEAM Selector Switch
VHF-422B Collins Avionics VHF XCVR
VIR-32 Collins Avionics NAV RCVR
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