Eurocopter Capabilities

American Eurocopter AS365N1

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the American Eurocopter AS365N1. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
066-01069-0000 Bendix/King Indicator
066-03034-0006 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
066-1069-00 Bendix/King Indicator
066-3034-06 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
134TS05H9V3AAB E.C.E. Indicating Panel
3057-147 E.C.E.T. Torquemeter Indicator
3057-148 E.C.E.T. Torquemeter Indicator
37500-0841 Badin Crouzet Altimeter (Ft)
38210-3941 Badin Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
39600-5841 Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
39600-5847 Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
39601ABM Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
44090-1841-02 Badin Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (KM/HR)
44090-1941-02 Badin Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (MPH)
44090AEM Badin Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
44960-0841 Badin Crouzet Altimeter
455TS01Y E.C.E. Landing Gear Position Indicator
48750-00 Badin Crouzet V.S.I. M/Min
48750-01 Badin Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
504-0032-902 J.E.T./A.I.M. Horizon Gyro
505-2B J.E.T./A.I.M. Horizon Gyro
510-6020-003 Electronique Aerospatiale Inverter
51210 Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
530-1040-903 Electronique Aerospatiale Indicator
557-4011-902 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
557-4021-902 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
557-4131-902 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
5728H112-11 Air Precision Turn & Bank Indicator
5800-465-80-14 MORS Multifunction Indicator
58057-85 S.F.I.M. Gyrocompass
621396231 Altitude SA Standby Compass
622-1233-001 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
622-3670-001 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
622-3671-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
622-3915-001 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
622-3915-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
622-4477-001 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
64514-205-2 Sextant Triple Tachometer Indicator
64514-208-1 Sextant Triple Tachometer Indicator
64536-501-1 Sextant Rotor Tachometer Indicator
64538-305-1 Sextant NG Indicator
64538-308-1 Sextant Engine Tachometer Indicator
650-1141-932 Sextant Horizontal Situation Indicator
66483-209-1 Sextant Fuel Gauge (LBS)
704A41440014 E.C.E. Landing Gear Position Indicator
704A45720048 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
704A45720049 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
704A45802003 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
704A45823010 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
704A45823012 Electronique Aerospatiale Indicator
704A45824004 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
704A45824008 Bendix/King Indicator
704A45824015 Collins Avionics Radio Altitude Indicator
704A45824015 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
704A45832025 Electronique Aerospatiale Inverter
704A47111022 Badin Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
704A47111034 Badin Crouzet V.S.I. Ft/Min
704A47111035 Badin Crouzet V.S.I. M/Min
704A47113027 Badin Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (MPH)
704A47113028 Badin Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (KM/HR)
704A47113080 Badin Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
704A47115003 Air Precision Turn & Bank Indicator
704A47134014 S.F.I.M. Control Unit CDV85
704A47134099 S.F.I.M. Control Unit CDV85
704A47150038 Sextant Horizon Gyro
704A47150048 Sextant Horizon Gyro
704A47150071 Sextant Horizon Gyro
704A47150081 Sextant Horizon Gyro
704A47150086 Sextant Horizon Gyro
704A47150118 J.E.T./A.I.M. Horizon Gyro
704A47210027 Badin Crouzet Altimeter (Ft)
704A47210028 Badin Crouzet Altimeter
704A47212004 Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
704A47212007 Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
704A47212011 Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
704A47212021 Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
704A47270025 MORS Multifunction Indicator
704A47300010 S.F.I.M. Gyrocompass
704A47313009 Altitude SA Standby Compass
704A47320006 Air Precision Chronograph
704A47330036 Sextant Horizontal Situation Indicator
704A47330050 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
704A47330051 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
704A47330052 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
704A47612035 Sextant Engine Tachometer Indicator
704A47612071 Sextant Rotor Tachometer Indicator
704A47612092 Sextant NG Indicator
704A47616008 Sextant Triple Tachometer Indicator
704A47616009 Sextant Triple Tachometer Indicator
704A47621073 E.C.E.T. Torquemeter Indicator
704A47621092 E.C.E.T. Torquemeter Indicator
704A47650074 Intertechnique Fuel gauge (KGS)
704A47650075 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (LBS)
704A47650077 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (US Gallons)
704A47650078 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (KGS)
704A47650079 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (Liters)
704A47650083 Sextant Fuel Gauge (LBS)
704A47724013 E.C.E. Indicating Panel
716523-2 Intertechnique Fuel gauge (KGS)
716586-1 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (LBS)
716587-1 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (US Gallons)
716879 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (KGS)
748538 Intertechnique Fuel Gauge (Liters)
9599-607-12183 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
9599-607-12185 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
APM11200WE Air Precision Chronograph
CG130 S.F.I.M. Gyrocompass
CV810 Electronique Aerospatiale Inverter
DME-40 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
H140ATM2 Sextant Horizon Gyro
H140ATM2 Sextant Horizon Gyro
H140AUM2 Sextant Horizon Gyro
H140CAM1 Sextant Horizon Gyro
H140CSM1 Sextant Horizon Gyro
IND-21 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
IND-21 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altitude Indicator
IND-40 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IND-40 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IND-450 Collins Avionics DME Indicator
IVA557 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
IVA557 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
IVA557 Electronique Aerospatiale R.M.I.
IVG671 Electronique Aerospatiale Indicator
KDI572 Bendix/King Indicator
KI207 Bendix/King VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
TRC-451 Collins Avionics DME XCVR
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