Eurocopter Capabilities

American Eurocopter AS350

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the American Eurocopter AS350. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
060-00015-0000 Bendix/King Directional Gyro
060-0015-00 Bendix/King Directional Gyro
066-03038-0000 Bendix/King R.M.I.
066-03046-0005 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
066-03051-0000 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
066-03063-0000 Bendix/King ADF Indicator
066-3038-00 Bendix/King R.M.I.
066-3046-05 Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
066-3051-00 Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter
066-3063-00 Bendix/King ADF Indicator
071-01052-0000 Bendix/King Flux Valve
071-01053-0004 Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
071-01242-0001 Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
071-1052-00 Bendix/King Flux Valve
071-1053-04 Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
071-1242-01 Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
1-1223-03 Jaeger Fuel Gauge Indicator
200DC J.E.T./A.I.M. Directional Gyro
3057-3-136-1 Labem Torque Indicator
3057-3-136-5 Labem Torque Indicator
3057-3-136-6 Labem Torque Indicator
3057-3-136A Labem Torque Indicator
3057-3-137 Labem Torquemeter Indicator
350A76-1020-0052 Eurocopter Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
350A76-1020-0152 Eurocopter Airspeed Indicator (km/hr)
350A76-1020-0252 Eurocopter Airspeed Indicator (MPH)
350A76-1035-00 Eurocopter Altimeter
350A76-1035-02 Eurocopter Vertical Speed Indicator
350A77-1148-20 Eurocopter Sideslip Indicator
350A77-1148-20 Eurocopter Sideslip Indicator
37500-220 Badin-Crouzet Altimeter in.hg
37500-280 Badin-Crouzet Altimeter
37500-280 Badin-Crouzet Altimeter
38210-3641 Badin-Crouzet Vertical Speed Indicator M/sec
38210-480 Badin-Crouzet Vertical Speed Indicator
38210-490 Badin-Crouzet Vertical Speed Indicator
38221-01-250 Badin-Crouzet Horizon Gyro
38222-220 Badin-Crouzet Directional Gyro
38222-250 Badin-Crouzet Directional Gyro
38399-480-02 Badin-Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (km/hr)
38399-490 Badin-Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
38399-490-02 Badin-Crouzet Airspeed Indicator (Knots)
39600-584 Badin-Crouzet Alticoder
454-00162-000 S.F.I.M. Vertical Gyro
505-2B J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
505-2B J.E.T./A.I.M. Horizon Gyro
5352-6 Labem Torquemeter Transmitter
5626-522-0 MORS T4 Indicator
5633-707-80-12 MORS NG Indicator
5637-560-00-10 MORS T4 Indicator
64130-102-1 Sextant-Avionique Altimeter
64279-004-1 Sextant-Avionique Oil Pressure Transmitter
64350-068-4 Sextant-Avionique NG Indicator
64538-068-1 Sextant-Avionique Turbine Tachometer Indicator
64818-013-1 Sextant-Avionique Oil Pressure Indicator (BARS)
64818-015-1 Sextant-Avionique Oil Temperature Indicator
6503A-1032 INSCO Tachometer Indicator
6503A-1058 INSCO Tachometer Indicator
7030 C.27 United Vertical Speed Indicator
704A4A7-650-116 Eurocopter Fuel Gauge Indicator
744-098-1 Faure-Herman Fuel Flowmeter Indicator
9599-607-12183 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altimeter Indicator
9599-607-12185 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altimeter Indicator
GV76-2 S.F.I.M. Vertical Gyro
H140BHM2 Sextant-Avionique Horizon Gyro
H140JAM1 Sextant-Avionique Horizon Gyro
IND 21 Thomson-Optronique Radio Altimeter Indicator
KA 51A Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
KA 51B Bendix/King Slaving Accessory
KG 102A Bendix/King Directional Gyro
KI 227 Bendix/King ADF Indicator
KI 229 Bendix/King R.M.I.
KI 525A Bendix/King Pictorial Navigation Indicator
KMT 112 Bendix/King Flux Valve
RCA 15BK-2 R.C.Allen Directional Gyro
RCA 26BK-8 R.C.Allen Horizon Gyro
SEL-OC19EG AMETEK/U.S.Gauge T4 Indicator
SEL-OC19EH AMETEK/U.S.Gauge T4 Indicator
SP03301 Aerospatiale Altimeter
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