Twin Commander 690B Capabilities

Twin Commander 690B

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Twin Commander 690B. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
850091 Twin Commander 8-Day Clock
850096 Twin Commander Attitude Gyro
850097 Twin Commander Directional Gyro
850098 Twin Commander Flap Position Indicator
850169 Twin Commander Vacuum Gage
850170 Twin Commander Hydraulic Pressure Gage
850202 Mid-Continent/E.G.C. Turn & Bank Indicator
883008 Aerosonic Cabin Rate-of-Climb Indicator
630343-505 Consolidated Fuel Quantity Indicator
850092-503 Aerosonic Altimeter
850221-505 Aerosonic Cabin Altitude/Diff Press Ind
850275-507 Ametek/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
850475-1 Rogerson/Kratos Horsepower Indicator
850493-519 Insco Engine Gage
850568-1 Consolidated I.T.T. Indicator
850586-1 Aero Mach Labs Max Allowable Airspeed Indicator
850590-1 Consolidated Fuel Flow Indicator
850590-501 Consolidated Fuel Flow Totalizer
850590-507 Parker/Gull Airborne Fuel Flow Indicator
850590-509 Parker/Gull Airborne Fuel Flow Totalizer
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