Short Bros. Short 360 Capabilities

Short Bros. Short 360

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Short Bros. Short 360. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
124.132 Kratos Volt/Ammeter
124.155 Kratos Volt/Frequency Meter
10185 Negretti Aviation Airspeed Switch
101435-11719 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
101435-11719S Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
102200-11833 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
114.069-6 Kratos Hydraulic Temp. TX
124.210-1 Kratos Flap Position Indicator
124.210-2 Kratos Flap Position Indicator
124.551-7 Kratos I.T.T. Indicator
124.551-9 Kratos I.T.T. Indicator
224-917-012 Gull Airborne Prop Tachometer Indicator
2CM9ABH-7 AMETEK/G.E. Tach Generator
2CM9ABY-7 AMETEK/G.E. Tach Generator
32760-102 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
32760-202 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
331A-3G Collins Course Indicator
396-05730 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
396-08730 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
396-09730 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
418-04034 Edison Oil Pressure TX
4358-1009 Insco Emergency Wheel Brake Indicator
4358-1010 Insco Emergency LDG Gear Pressure Ind.
45100-D2012 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altitude Pre-Selector
504-0017-916 J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
504-0017-917 J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
50647-3 Kratos Flap Position Transmitter
50647-4 Kratos Flap Position Transmitter
510-8B J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
510-8C J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
519-28704-001 Kollsman/I.D.C. Encoding Altimeter
522-2638-006 Collins Course Indicator
530-32760-102 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
530-32760-202 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
540-45100-D2012 Kollsman/I.D.C. Altitude Pre-Selector
617-01431 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
617-07431 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
710-920 Intertechnique Fuel Qty Indicator
8DJ81WCR4 AMETEK/G.E. Percent Tachometer Indicator
AR-207-1 Foxboro Fuel Flow Rate Indicator
B13-941.22.05.1 Revue Thommen Aircraft Clock
B13-941.22.05.1.A Revue Thommen Aircraft Clock
C-5A AMETEK/U.S.Gauge Standby Magnetic Compass
M2108N/WF Negretti Aviation Airspeed Switch
NAB017 Sinn Aircraft Clock
S.546.1.373 Weston/U.K. Reservoir Control Indicator
SLZ9140 Teledyne V.S.I.
WL/235AS/PC/FA/1 Smiths Industries Airspeed Indicator
WL/254AS/MS/2 Smiths Industries Sensitive Airspeed Indicator
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