Short Bros. Short 330 Capabilities

Short Bros. Short 330

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Short Bros. Short 330. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacture Description
Part Number Manufacture Description
124.132 Rogerson/Kratos Volt/Ammeter
124.155 Rogerson/Kratos Volt/Frequency Meter
101435-11719 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
101435-11719S Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
102200-11833 Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
124.210-1 Rogerson/Kratos Flap Position Indicator
124.210-2 Rogerson/Kratos Flap Position Indicator
124.552-1 Rogerson/Kratos Oil Temp/Press Indicator
124.552-2 Rogerson/Kratos Oil Temp/Press Indicator
217-01421 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
2587335-12 Honeywell/Sperry Vertical Gyro
2CM9ABH-7 AMETEK/G.E. Tach Generator
2CM9ABY-7 AMETEK/G.E. Tach Generator
3202KGA/MS/1 Smiths Industries Tach Generator
323A-2G Collins Flux Detector
32760-202 Kollsman/I.D.C. Airspeed Indicator
328A-3G Collins Slaving Accessory
329B-7C Collins Flight Director Indicator
331A-3G Collins Course Indicator
332D-11A Collins Vertical Gyro
332E 4 Collins Directional Gyro
396-01720 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
396-03720 Edison Torque Pressure Indicator
4358-1006 Insco Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
500ECFL J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
500ECFLK J.E.T./A.I.M. Attitude Gyro
504-0002-913 J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
504-0017-916 J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
510-8B J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
522-2638-007 Collins Course Indicator
522-3241-000 Collins Directional Gyro
522-3487-002 Collins Flight Director Indicator
522-4945-001 Collins Flux Detector
530-32760-202 KOLLSMAN / IDC Airspeed Indicator
622-1352-001 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-1352-002 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-1352-003 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-1352-004 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-1352-005 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-1352-006 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-1352-007 Collins Flight Director Indicator
622-2506-001 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-002 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-003 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-004 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-005 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-006 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-007 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-008 Collins R.M.I.
622-2506-009 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-001 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-002 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-003 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-004 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-005 Collins R.M.I.
622-4938-006 Collins R.M.I.
710-920 Intertechnique Fuel Qty Indicator
710-921 Intertechnique Fuel Qty Indicator
792-6694-001 Collins Vertical Gyro
AR-207-1 Foxboro Fuel Flow Indicator
AT-206-1 Foxboro Fuel Totalizer
FD-112V Collins Flight Director Indicator
KCA-0105W Smiths Industries Compass
NAB017 SINN Aircraft Clock
RMI-36 Collins R.M.I.
S.542.1.31 Weston U.K. O.A.T. Indicator
SLZ9140 Teledyne Avionics V.S.I.
WL/1301KTS/FA/1 Smiths Industries Turn & Slip Indicator
WL/1350AM/MS/1 Smiths Industries Counter Pointer Altimeter
WL/1381AM/MS/1 Smiths Industries Counter Pointer Altimeter
WL/1381AM/MS/2 Smiths Industries Counter Pointer Altimeter
WL/1381AM/MS/3 Smiths Industries Counter Pointer Altimeter
WL/1381AM/MS/4 Smiths Industries Counter Pointer Altimeter
WL/1403AM/MS/1 Smiths Industries Counter Pointer Altimeter
WL/201RC/FA Smiths Industries V.S.I.
WL/2112/KTD/4 Smiths Industries Gas Gen. Speed Indicator
WL/2112/KTD/5 Smiths Industries Percent Tachometer Indicator
WL/235AS/PC/FA/1 Smiths Industries Airspeed Indicator
WL/254AS/MS/2 Smiths Industries Sensitive Airspeed Indicator
WL/3301/KTD/6 Smiths Industries Prop RPM Indicator
WL/782MV/BU/7/750 Smiths Industries I.T.T. Indicator
WL/782MV/BU/8/800 Smiths Industries I.T.T. Indicator
WL/813MV/3 Smiths Industries Oil Temp/Press Indicator
WL/862AM/MS/5 Smiths Industries Altimeter
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