Beechcraft Beech 1900D Capabilities

Beechcraft Beech 1900D

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Beechcraft Beech 1900D. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
065-00053-0000 Bendix/King Altitude Alerter
065-00053-0008 Bendix/King Altitude Alerter
065-0053-00 Bendix/King Altitude Alerter
065-0053-08 Bendix/King Altitude Alerter
066-03062-0000 Bendix/King Altimeter
066-3062-00 Bendix/King Altimeter
101-361096-1 Beechcraft External Power Advisory Light
101-361161-1 Beechcraft Air Conditioner Kit
101-364037-1 Beechcraft Fire Extinguisher Monitor
101-364086-5 Beechcraft Fuel Transfer
101-364086-7 Beechcraft Fuel Transfer
101-364092-25 Beechcraft Time Delay And Annunciator Test
101-364170-11 Beechcraft N1 Speed, Low Pitch And Ice Vane Sense
101-364170-17 Beechcraft N1 Speed, Low Pitch And Ice Vane Sense
101-364170-21 Beechcraft N1 Speed, Low Pitch And Ice Vane Sense
101-364326-9 Beechcraft Annunciator Control
101-364328-7 Beechcraft Annunciator Fault Detection
101-364572-17 Beechcraft Ice Vane Sense, N1 Speed And Battery Monitor
101-364572-21 Beechcraft Ice Vane Sense And N1 Speed
101-364578-1 Beechcraft Annunciator Control
101-364578-7 Beechcraft Annunciator Control
101-364578-9 Beechcraft Annunciator Control
101-364580-1 Beechcraft Annunciator Fault Detection
101-364580-5 Beechcraft Annunciator Fault Detection
101-364582-1 Beechcraft Advisory Light Test And Surface Deice
101-364582-11 Beechcraft Advisory Light Test And Surface Deice
101-364582-13 Beechcraft Advisory Light And Surface Deice
101-364582-15 Beechcraft Advisory Light And Surface Deice
101-364582-5 Beechcraft Advisory Light Test And Surface Deice
101-364582-7 Beechcraft Advisory Light Test And Surface Deice
101-364584-1 Beechcraft Battery Monitor, Ambient Air And Brake Deice
101-364672-1 Beechcraft External Power Control Unit
101-364674-1 Beechcraft Fire Extinguisher
101-364712-1 Beechcraft N1 Speed And Ice Vane
101-364715-1 Beechcraft Bus Tie Control
101-364739-1 Beechcraft Landing Gear/Stall Warning Horn/Eng. Anti-Ice
101-364782-1 Beechcraft Propeller Pitch Indicator
101-364851-1 Beechcraft Electric Heat Control
101-364851-3 Beechcraft Electric Heat Control
101-364851-5 Beechcraft Electric Heat Control
101-380031-1 United Turn & Slip Indicator
101-380031-3 United Turn & Slip Indicator
101-384092-1 Revue-Thommen Clock, Control Wheel
101-384137-7 Eaton Switch Assy, Landing Gear Control
101-384233-1 Mid-Continent DC Voltmeter
101-384233-3 Beechcraft DC Voltmeter
10299N01T00 Ametek Torque Indicator
109-361016-3 Beechcraft External Pwr Overvoltage And Advisory Light
109-361016-5 Beechcraft External Pwr Overvoltage And Advisory Light
112-364021-1 Beechcraft Logic Relay
112-364032-1 Beechcraft Fire Extinguisher
114-320052-3 Eaton Fire Pull Switch, T-Handle
114-364068-1 Beechcraft Time Delay Relay
114-364068-3 Beechcraft Time Delay Relay
114-364068-9 Beechcraft Time Delay Relay
114-364086-1 Beechcraft Annunciator Legend Power Source
114-364093-5 Beechcraft Bleed Air Control
114-364101-1 Beechcraft Emergency Exit Lights
114-364140-7 Beechcraft Bleed Air Control
114-380004-5 Ametek I.T.T. Indicator
114-380004-7 Ametek I.T.T. Indicator
114-380004-9 Ametek I.T.T. Indicator
114-380009-7 Hickok Oil Temp/Pressure Indicator
114-380011-1 RC Allen Turn & Bank Indicator
114-380011-3 RC Allen Turn & Bank Indicator
114-380015-1 Precision Winding Prop Sync Indicator
114-380016-1 Aerosonic V.S.I.
114-380016-3 Aerosonic V.S.I.
114-380017-5 United Cabin Altitude Indicator
114-380018-1 Aerosonic Cabin Climb Indicator
114-380020-1 Mid-Continent Cabin Temp Indicator
114-380021-1 Mid-Continent Oxygen Gage
114-380027-3 Mid-Continent Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
114-380027-5 Mid-Continent Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
114-380031-1 Mid-Continent DC Load Indicator
114-380031-3 United Turn & Bank Indicator
114-380033-1 Hickok AC Volt Frequency Meter
114-380035-1 Aerosonic I.V.S.I.
114-380048-1 Mid-Continent Oxygen Gage
114-380049-5 Hickok Prop Amps Indicator
114-380058-3 J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
114-380063-5 B & D Instruments Turbine Tach Indicator
114-380064-5 RC Allen Prop Tach Indicator
114-380065-3 RC Allen Torque Indicator
114-380066-3 RC Allen Prop Tach Indicator
117-364059-1 Beechcraft Fuel Transfer
118-364014-5 Beechcraft Auxiliary Fuel Pump Control
118-364059-7 Beechcraft Power Steering Relay
118-380000-1 Ragen Data Fuel Qty Indicator
129-364041-1 Beechcraft Surface Deice Module
129-364041-5 Beechcraft Surface Deice Module
129-364043-1 Beechcraft Brake Deice And External Power Overvoltage
129-364045-1 Beechcraft Annunciator Fault Detection
129-364045-5 Beechcraft Annunciator Fault Detection
129-364079-7 Beechcraft Annunciator Legend Power Source
129-364081-7 Beechcraft Fuel Transfer And Anti-Skid Brakes
129-364091-9 Beechcraft Autofeather
129-364966-1 Beechcraft Bus Tie Control
129-380002-1 Penn Keystone Flap Position
129-380004-3 Ametek Torque Indicator
129-380004-7 Ametek Torque Indicator
129-380008-3 Mid-Continent Vacuum Gage
130-364048-5 Beechcraft Annunciator Control
130-364054-1 Beechcraft A C Power Monitor
130-364076-1 Beechcraft Annunciator Fault Detection And Ice Vane Sense
130-364078-1 Beechcraft External Power Monitor
130-364090-1 Beechcraft Air Conditioner Control And Ice Vane Sense
130-380005-5 Aerosonic Airspeed Indicator
130-380005-7 Aerosonic Airspeed Indicator
130-380010-1 Ketema A & E Fuel Flow Indicator
24929-412 Kollsman/I.D.C. Encoding Altimeter
3012-J.35 United Cabin Altitude Indicator
30230-1174 Aerosonic I.V.S.I.
331A-3G Collins H.S.I.
332D-11T Collins Vertical Gyro
35060-1175 Aerosonic Cabin Rate of Climb Indicator
501-1228-03 J.E.T. Power Supply
501-1296-04 J.E.T. Standby Gyro
50-389057-1 Beech/El Tach Generator
510-30BW J.E.T./A.I.M. Gyro Horizon
522-2638-008 Collins H.S.I.
55003-004 B & D Instruments Turbine Tach Indicator
563-266 Hickok Oil Temp & Press Indicator
563-267 Hickok Prop Amps Indicator
570-24929-412 Kollsman/I.D.C. Enc. Altimeter
570-536 Hickok Ac Volt Freq. Indicator
622-2506-014 Collins Radio Magnetic Indicator
622-2855-001 Collins Radio Altimeter
622-4565-001 Collins Vertical Gyro
622-5812-001 Collins Flux Detector
622-6136-002 Collins Directional Gyro
622-6137-001 Collins Vir 32 Receiver
622-6152-001 Collins VHF Receiver
622-6263-003 Collins DME XCVR
622-6520-008 Collins VHF Control
622-6521-016 Collins NAV Control
622-6522-008 Collins COMM Control
622-6523-208 Collins ATC Control
6900027-1 Precision Winding Prop Sync Indicator
81-208-1 Ragen Data Fuel Qty Indicator
86400-1199 Aerosonic Clock
90-38402-6 Ametek I.T.T. Indicator
9550B N.577 United Turn & Slip Indicator
99-364136 Beechcraft Electronic Time Delay
99-364158-1 Beechcraft Hydraulic Landing Gear Time Delay
CTL-22 Collins VHF Control
CTL-32 Collins NAV Control
CTL-62 Collins COMM Control
CTL-92 Collins ATC Control
DGS-65 Collins Directional Gyro
DME-42 Collins DME XCVR
FDU-70 Collins Flux Detector
MB801-28 Davtron Clock, Control Wheel
MD-109-1 Mid Continent DC Load Indicator
MD-112-1 Mid Continent Oxygen Gauge
MD-124-1 Mid Continent Cabin Temp Indicator
MD-69-1 Mid Continent DC Voltmeter
PC900-1A800PH-1 Ketema A & E Fuel Flow Indicator
PS-835C K.G.S. Power Supply
SPC-10 K.G.S. Inverter
VHF-22 Collins VHF Receiver
VIR-32 Collins Receiver
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