Agusta Aerospace Helicopter OEM overhaul, repair and exchange

Agusta Aerospace 109A/II Helicopter

Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Agusta Aerospace 109A/II Helicopter. To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
Part Number Manufacturer Description
071-01041-0001 Bendix/King Voltage Converter
071-1041-01 Bendix/King Voltage Converter
101420-11225 Aerosonic Altimeter
101420-11226 Aerosonic Altimeter
109-0729-01-1 Agusta Voltmeter
109-0729-02-1 Agusta Ammeter
109-0729-03-1 Agusta Temp/Press Indicator
109-0729-08-3 Agusta Tachometer Indicator
109-0729-09-1 Agusta Airspeed Indicator
109-0729-13-1 Agusta Temperature Indicator
109-0729-23-1 Agusta Fuel Quantity Indicator
109-0729-27-1 Agusta Temp/Press Indicator
109-0729-28-1 Agusta Pressure Indicator
109-0729-29-1 Agusta Pressure Indicator
109-0729-30-1 Agusta Torquemeter Indicator
109-0729-32-109 Agusta Temperature Indicator
109-0729-32-3 Agusta Temperature Indicator
109-0729-32-7 Agusta Temperature Indicator
109-0729-38-3 Agusta DC Voltmeter
109-0729-39-1 Agusta Ammeter
109-0730-16-1 Agusta Tachometer Indicator
124.380- Rogerson/Kratos Fuel Quantity Indicator
124.486 Rogerson/Kratos Temperature Indicator
124.486-1 Rogerson/Kratos Temperature Indicator
140540-01-01 Smiths/Lear Siegler Switching Rate Gyroscope
145974-01-03 Smiths/Lear Siegler Vertical Gyro
22A649 Globe Tachometer Generator
2503148-2 Honeywell Annunciator
2587193-23 Honeywell Directional Gyro
2587193-43 Honeywell Directional Gyro
2592920-444 Honeywell Radio Deviation Indicator
2594484 Honeywell Flux Valve
3117-L-B-6-1-C Aeronetics Radio Magnetic Indicator
31230-1120 Aerosonic Vertical Speed Indicator
31230-1127 Aerosonic Vertical Speed Indicator
339F-12 Collins DME Indicator
339H-4A Collins Radio Altimeter Indicator
4002963-404 Honeywell Radio Magnetic Indicator
4010657-464 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
4019286-901 Honeywell Vertical Gyro
4021541-XXX Honeywell Gyro Horizon
4344-3021 Insco Pressure Indicator
4344-3022 Insco Pressure Indicator
51509-002R TRW Voltage Regulator
622-1205-004 Collins Radio Altimeter Indicator
622-1233-001 Collins DME R/T
622-1234-017 Collins DME Indicator
622-4483-002 Collins Course Select Indicator
656767 Honeywell Compensator
8DJ131LBG1 AMETEK/G.E. Tachometer Indicator
9000C Smiths/Lear Siegler Vertical Gyro
9019-3018 Insco Temp/Press Indicator
9019-3019 Insco Temp/Press Indicator
FX-220 Honeywell Flux Valve
HZ-464 Honeywell Attitude Director Indicator
IND-31C Collins Course Select Indicator
IND-41A Collins DME Indicator
KA39 Bendix/King Voltage Converter
KA8 Smiths Industries Bridge Amplifier
MKL-351 Collins Marker Beacon Light
PC-15B Marathon / Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
PC-250 Marathon / Flite-Tronics Static Inverter
RA-215 Honeywell Radio Altimeter Indicator
RA-315 Honeywell Radio Altimeter Indicator
RD-444 Honeywell Radio Deviation Indicator
RD-450 Honeywell Radio Deviation Indicator
RH-404 Honeywell Radio Magnetic Indicator
TDR-90 Collins ATC Transponder
VG-14H Honeywell Vertical Gyro
VHF-20A Collins VHF Transceiver
WL/KB10 Smiths Industries Fuel Quantity Indicator
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