AEA honors Jim Joubert


WASHINGTON, D.C., April 5, 2012 -- Each year during the Aircraft Electronics Association International Convention & Trade Show, an award, AEA Member of the Year, is presented at the AEA Annual Awards Luncheon. This prestigious award honors the AEA member who is recognized by peers for outstanding service and participation in the industry and in the Association.


This year’s honoree was Jim Joubert, CEO of Pacific Southwest Instruments. Jim accepted the award and gracefully acknowledged the Association and the membership for recognizing his service to the AEA and went on to say “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve and give something back to the AEA. The AEA has provided some very valuable resources through the years that have helped PSI achieve the level of success we enjoy today.”


2012 AEA Member of the Year: Jim Joubert
Jim Joubert was born in 1954, at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Alameda, Calif. He literally was born into aviation, as his father, Jim Sr., had a career in aviation in the Navy, and later as an avionics inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration. Joubert's father taught him to fly at a very early age, and he first soloed at the age of 16. He has many fond memories of his family's vacations and outings in the family C-172.


Joubert officially began his aviation career in 1972, at the age of 18. He was offered a job as an apprentice instrument technician at Pan Western Instruments in Long Beach, Calif. Joubert quickly learned the many facets of the instrument business, and in 1974, the company relocated to Van Nuys, Calif., as part of the full-service FBO/Cessna dealer, Golden West Skyways, where he managed the instrument shop.

In 1975, Joubert married his high school sweetheart, Sylvia, and together they opened their first business in 1976, called J&S Aircraft Instruments. As J&S Aircraft Instruments, Joubert bought and sold aircraft instruments and did freelance instrument repair for other shops in the Southern California area. In March 1982, Joubert founded Pacific Southwest Instruments. Now, 30 years later, PSI has grown into a worldwide, well-recognized provider of aircraft instruments and repair services. He currently serves as president and CEO at PSI.

Joubert has been active in the AEA for many years, and he has served as a board member for the last six years. He was re-elected this year to serve another term. He also serves on the AEA Finance Committee and the AEA Government & Industry Affairs Committee. PSI is a regular participant and sponsor at AEA meetings and events.



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