King Air 200

The King Air 200 is a particular form of aircraft that is a part of the twin turbo prop line. It is a Flight Director that is produced by the Beech Air craft Corporation or the Beech Craft Division of the Hawker Beech Craft. The line of King Air constitutes a series of models that can be classified into a couple of categories, which include:

*  The 90 model series

*  The 100 model series (which consists of the King Air family)

*  The 200 model series

*  The 300 model series

The 200 as well as 300 model series of the Air Speed Indicator had originally been marketed in the form of the Super King Air family, although the ‘super’ was deleted from the title in the year 1996.

The King Air 200 flight models of the Super King Air family has been under production since 1974, which is the longest production that could possibly be run for any of the civilian turbo prop air craft in its own class. The Rate Gyro Turn Coordinator of the Super King Air family has gone beyond all of the erstwhile competitors. According to the statistics of the year 2007, the only other air craft in the category being the Piaggio Avanti. According to the statistics of December 2008, the production models of the following varieties had been manufactured:

*  B200

*  B200GT

*  B300

In fact, you may also order the special derivative variations of these missions that are available. Today, there are different versions of the Super King TOT Indicator, TIT Indicator and ITT Indicator that are available and put into use by the following bodies:

*  US Army

*  US Air Force

*  US Navy

*  US Marine Corps

The civil versions that have been made off the shelf are present, although a majority of them have been made purely for the purpose of military usage. They were also treated by the Beech craft and FAA as different series, one of the common elements being the A200 series. Small numbers of the military versions are popular by their military names without having any of the FAA models designated to them. However, the Directional as well as Vertical aspects comprise the civilian model counter parts that are primarily equivalent. The designation of the military air crafts varies between one service and another. Most of them are known as the C 12 Huron or the UC 12 and are used for the transport of personnel. On the other hand, the US Army also operates the RC 12 series of Guardrail air crafts owing to the purposes of the missions of the military intelligence.

The CAF or the Canadian Air Force in the year 1990 had the delivery of a couple of second hand 200 Model Super King Airs in their early production stages. These were taken as a lease from the Awood Air and were known as the CT 145 based on the identification procedure of the Canadian Air Force. The Gyro Aircraft Instrument of the air crafts was used as the multi engine trainers for replacing the C 47 Douglas air crafts.

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