Directional Gyro

The Directional Gyro is a product that is used in general aviation aircraft. The Directional Gyro is immune to the tracking errors of the wheel. The Altitude of the mechanism is used in the field of aero space engineering for incorporating in a flight instrument a gyro that can maintain its position in the azimuth. In effect, the Rate Gyro Turn Coordinator can ensure the coordination in the field of a direction based reference. The work of the Directional Gyro is that it acts as a Repair Instrument for maintaining its spin in a horizontal axis. Some of the variations in which a Directional Gyro is used are the following:


*  Auto pilot inter face

*  Heading

*  Reference

*  Variations of Lighting

§       Uses of the Directional Gyro

The Directional Gyro is an Overhaul Instrument that helps in establishing the heading of an air craft. The Inverter Compass is primarily used for the purpose of lending direction to the air craft, although it experience errors in the form of the down ward slope or dip in the magnetic field of the earth. An error in the dip can result in incorrect reading of the compass and thus the pilot may not know whether the air craft is in acceleration, or in a bank. This makes it difficult for being used in any condition of flight instead of the level and straight directions.

This remedy can be brought about by the Directional Gyro or heading indicator that remains unchanged by the errors of the acceleration and the dip. The pilot is automatically able to readjust the heading indicator to the direction that is displayed on the magnetic or Inverter Compass.

§       How is the Directional Gyro Operated?

The Directional Gyro or heading indicator is operated by the Exchange Flight Instruments by tying it to the horizontal base of the air craft for establishing an inertial platform. This is the reason as to why a non matching configuration of the horizontal base of the air craft that is in disagreement with the local horizontal of the earth leads to a gimbal error. Thus, the Rate Gyro Turn Coordinator leads to a variation in the ‘apparent’ wander that is predicted, and it is known as the ‘drift’.

The Directional Gyro is arranged for the horizontal axis to be used for driving the display that comprises a calibrated circular compass card. The Altitude gyroscope Instrument is electrically spun, or is rotated with the help of a vacuum pump that is driven from the engine of the air craft.

Due to the rotation of the earth and errors of friction and that of the imbalance of the Directional Gyro, the heading indicator drifts over time and has to be periodically reset from the compass. The drift is predicted by the sin latitude which is the strongest at the Polar Regions. The transport wander is another apparent drift of the Directional Gyro that is resulted by the addition or subtraction of the earth’s rotation on an air craft gyroscope.

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