Dash 8

The Dash 8 is the name that has been given to the Bombardier Dash Air craft which was previously known as the de Havilland Canada Dash 8, or the DHC 8. This Dash 8 Aircraft is a series of the twin engine turbo prop air liners of the medium range. With its Turbine Speed, this air craft was introduced by the de Havilland Canada Group in the year 1984 and are now manufactured by the Bombardier Aerospace. Since the year 1996, the air crafts have been known as the Q Series owing to their quietness. There have been more than 1000 air crafts in the Dash 8 category that have been built. According to the statistics, the total production of the Helicopter Instruments had reached a production marl of 1192 units of all the Dash 8 or Q Series.

Design and Development of the Dash 8 Aircrafts

The de Havilland Canada had invested greatly on the design and development of the Dash 7 that was generally a 4 engine version of the yet to be made Dash 8 EMB. What was actually created was a larger version of the 4 engine Twin Otter which focused on their traditional field of expertise which was short field performance and the Short Take off and Landing or the STOL. The Dash 8 Aircraft uses 7 engines that are medium powered with large propellers with 4 blades which help in the minimizing of the noise levels. Along with the excellent characteristics of Short Take off and Landing, the Dash was apt for operating from the air ports and air bases of the smaller cities.

The de Havilland Canada came up with a short field performance requirement in 1980 by adapting the primary features of the Dash 7 using a couple of high strength engines or more. The Flight Director here was favored by the Pratt and Whitney of Canada and they came up with the best of the PW 100 engines for the role, which was greater than the doubling power that they had. The Dash 8 EMB was previously known as the PT7A 2R engine and it later came to be known as the PW 120. The Dash 8 EMB was launched in the year 1983 on April 19, after over 3800 hours’ testing over a couple of years on the 5 PW 100 series of test engines.

What are some of the Key Features of the Dash 8 EMB?

*  The Dash 8 EMB is distinguished by some unique features. The T shaped tail of the Dash 8 EMB has been provided to keep the end free from the prop was when the air craft is taking off.

*  The ratio wing is also advanced and this is one of the elongated nacelles of the engine of the Dash 8 EMB. It helps in the holding of the landing gear that folds on the rear.

The first flight of the Dash 8 EMB was held on the June 20, 1983 and the following year, it was entered into service.

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