Beech 1900

The Beech 1900 is also referred to as the King Air Beech and it is a twin engine civilian turbo prop air plane to be manufactured by the Beech craft Division of the Raytheon Company. Some of the operations in which it is typically used are the following:

*  Regional air line

*  Corporate

*  Flight operations

The Beech 1900 Airline Spares were developed from the King Air Beech air crafts 200 that were used for business as well as commercial purposes. The first flight of the King Air Beech air crafts took place on September 3, 1982, while it received the certification of the Federal Aviation Administration or the FAA in November 1983. The King Air Beech 1900 air crafts were initially certified by the FAA according to the standards of the Special FAR 41 C air worthiness under the federal aviation regulations or the FAR. However, later on, the air crafts were certified to the standards of the air worthiness of the FAR Part 23 “Commuter Category”. In the year 1985, the first Exec Liner version of this corporate transport was delivered.

Some of the other Details of the 1900 Airline Spares

The original design of the King Air Beech 1900 was called the Beech craft 1900 and it did not have a letter suffix. One of the highlights of this machine was that it has a boarding door for the passengers towards the air craft rear. In this way, it resembled the smaller versions of the King Airs. The design was not preferred by the people, and thus there were a few air frames that were initially built. The serial numbers for the King Air Beech start with the letters UA.

The latter designs of the Beech 1900 Airline Spares helped move the boarding door of the passenger towards the front of the air craft right next to the cock pit. The rear or aft door was redesigned in the form of the cargo door. The new configuration was thus renamed as the 1900 Airline Spares owing to the cargo door. Apart from that, the door layout was redesigned which is something that made the new models starkly similar to the original King Air Beech 1900 air crafts.

Generally, fuel of an air craft is stored in the wings. The UB and UA models of the 1900 Airline Spares and 1900 C make use of the fuel type of bladders in the tank systems. The later models of 1900 C made use of a wet wing fuel system that has all the sections of the wing to help considerably improve the range of the air craft. The most common version of the 1900 C air crafts is the UC.

There were also a few military versions of the King Air Beech 1900 C air crafts that were manufactured. These were known as the King Air Beech craft air planes which were known as the C 12 Huron and the C 12 J Huron, some of which come with serial numbers.

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