The Altimeter is one flight Instrument that is used in the measurement of the Altitude in terms of the Vertical level in accordance with a level of reference. The Altimeter is a flight Instrument that measures the altitude of the surface of the land or other object like an air plane. The air craft Altimeter had been invented by Louis Paul Cailletet who was a French physicist. In fact, it was he who had even invented the high pressure manometer. The study of altitudes is known as altimeter and this is related to the measurement of under water depth, or bathymetry. There are 2 kinds of altimeters that are used, and they include the following:

*  Radio Altimeter: The radio Altimeter is an air craft flight instrument that had been invented by Lloyd Espenschied in the year 1924. The first FM radio Altimeter was first started in the year 1938 in the New York Bell Labs, and on its first public display, the radio signals of the radio Altimeter were bounced off and it showed the pilots the elevation of the air craft.

*  Barometric Altimeter: The Barometric Altimeter had been invented in the year 1928 by Paul Kollsman, a German inventor. This instrument was also known as the Kollsman Window.

The Altimeter is one of the important parts of air craft instrumentation and one of the primary equipment of this category is the pressure Altimeter which is also known as the barometric Altimeter and it is found in a lot of air crafts. The air craft Altimeter has an aneroid barometer for measuring the atmospheric pressure from the static port that is located to the exterior of the air craft. As the altitude increases, the air pressure keeps decreasing.

Uses of the Aircraft Altimeter

The Altimeter is marked for demonstrating the pressure readily in correspondence with the altitude above the sea level. The Air Speed Indicator also works with the Altimeter that works according to the principles of the mathematical model that is specified by the International Standard Atmosphere or the ISA. In the air crafts of the olden days, a simple aneroid barometer was used with the needle making less than a single revolution around the face from zero to the full scale.

Present day air crafts make use of a ‘sensitive’ Altimeter with a needle that makes manifold revolutions. There are in fact more needles that demonstrate the amount of revolutions that are made and this looks like the face of a clock. The fact is each needle indicates a different digit for measuring the current altitude.

The sensitive Altimeter provides for the adjustment of the reference pressure of the sea level with the help of a setting knob. The reference pressure is adjusted with the help of a setting knob. The reference pressure is shown on the Kollsman Window to the right of the Altimeter of the air craft. This is necessary since the reference of sea level atmospheric pressure varies with temperature and the pressure belt movements.

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