Aircraft Altimeter

The Aircraft Altimeter is an Instrument that is used to measure the Altitude of the surface of the land, or for that matter any object that can fly, like an air plane. There are 2 main varieties of altimeters that are used and they are the following:

*  Pressure Altimeter, or Aneroid barometer and

*  Radio Altimeter

The Pressure Altimeter or aneroid barometer helps approximate the Altitude of an object above the mean sea level. The task of the Radio Altimeter is to measure the absolute value of the altitude that is based on the time that is needed for the signal of a radio wave for traveling from an air craft from the ground and back. (Altitude refers to the distance of the land above the sea level).

How does an Aircraft Altimeter Work?

*  The job of the Aircraft Altimeter is to perform its operation based on the principles of the average of the atmospheric pressure which reduces with the Altitude on a linear basis. The Pressure Altimeter is made to be encased with the help of a case that is connected with the help of the outside of the air craft with the help of an inlet of air pressure at the back side of the housing.

*  There are then a couple of aneroid capsules in an aircraft Altimeter that comprise corrugated metallic bellows that are required for exhausting air near the inlet. The capsules in the Landing Gear and Switch Cockpit enlarge once there is a fall in the external pressure (during a climb, for instance). The pressure in the Air Speed Indicator and TOT Indicator falls once the external pressure rises (when there is a descent) of the air craft Altitude.

*  An automatic display of the gears of a segment, the air craft pinion, back lash spring, as well as distension and extension of the aneroid capsules of the Directional and Vertical movements of the air craft helps convert the movement of the pointers of the Aircraft Altimeter on the dial.

*  The dial of the Aircraft Altimeter is calibrated in the form of feet or meters along with a range of pointers that are operated with the help of indicators that are driven by gears, like the hands of the clock. The Aircraft Altimeter indicates the Altitude of the air craft in the form of different units in the following categories:

§ Hundreds

§ Thousands

§ Tens of thousands

The scale of the barometric scale of an Aircraft Altimeter helps dial the records the pressure of the air with the help of milli bars or mb. The pressure Aircraft Altimeter needs to be fixed with the baro setting knob for making up for the fewer variations in the atmospheric pressure that are a result of the variations in the local weather. This is something that takes place due to the measurement of the atmospheric pressure relative to the sea level. A radio Altimeter is used to affix the distance of an air plane over the ground, instead of above the sea level.

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